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Have an Accident-Free Workspace Here is How

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You can’t anticipate when an accident will happen at work. For any major trip or fall, be ready to reach medical attention and a personal injury lawyer. Still, prevention is way better than addressing an accident which already took place. Here are some ways you can make sure your workplace is as safe as it can be:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle outside work

While we devote only a third of our daily lives at work, what we do outside office hours affects our feelings towards our job. For instance, did you know alcoholism among employees can lead most Australian work spaces at a productivity deficit of $6 billion every year?

Try these workouts and hobbies for a change:

  • Going to the beach
  • Jogging or taking long walks
  • Volunteering
  • Stay up to date with your latest safety company policies

When it comes to ensuring workspace safety, your company would know the best way to protect you as an employee. Hazardous working environments require applicable equipment and signs in strategic areas.

Read your handbook and attend your regular safety workshops, so you can be more aware about properly wearing your protective gear. These workshops would have dry runs and supervised demonstrations, to keep you prepared in any hazardous situation. Some of them should include familiarization on the following:

  • Logistics and postal service

Training and license issuance (for taxis and heavy road vehicles, boating and marine, etc.)

  • Handling livestock, forestry & fishing

The typical work pieces in this industry includes overalls, trousers and jackets. These outfits may be thick combinations and layers of polyester and cotton.

  • Buildings and constructions

These include, but are not limited to: hard hats, helmets, vests, safety glasses made of poly carbonate, face shields and many more.

  • Mining

Miners are at a high risk of getting exposed to dangerous substances and explosions. To keep yourself safe, you must wear heavy duty boots, hats, vests and ear plugs.

Your company should provide the updated safety equipment, along with the development of the latest technologies at work.

  • Be aware of your working conditions

Your working environment may vary depending on the changing weathers of your location. This is applicable especially when your job entails working outdoors. This is why zoning adjustments are also necessary.

Consequently, there would be accessorize adjustments to be made in your building when it rains, snows or when it’s too hot outside. Be vigilant in knowing more about how your workspace should be safely set up (I.e., inclusion of a “Slippery when wet” signage on floors, installation of detachable aluminum frames on windows in case of severe storms, etc.).

In the construction industry, an organization should always abide by the Government’s Construction Work Code of Practice. There are thorough and detailed procedures to be applied, the Code should then serve as the exact peg for any company to follow. Each and every occurrence has been laid out in the Code such as possible falling debris, collisions, etc. The responsibilities and assigned trainers have also been itemized.

For individuals working in this industry long-term, use this as one of your professional guidebooks to ensure you are doing everything you can to be safe at work.

  • Know how to use your first aid kit

Every work zone has a specific injury which an employee might acquire. If a restaurant employee works at the grilling and frying sections, then he or she would most likely be prone to cuts and burns. The first aid kit should then include wound cleaning supplies or disinfectants, iodine solutions, healing creams and gauze.

There should never be a single first aid kit in an entire work space, especially when it has various functions and departments.

  • Collectively aim for working safety with a team

A safe work space cannot only be maintained by a single person. Since there are various zones in an office, each person may be asked to do safety check-ups in his or her assigned spot. You may even organize a discussion board so your colleagues may feel free to share their observations and suggestions to improve the safety situation of their assigned areas.

You can finalize and update your safety procedures with scheduled meetings as well as consultations. This should keep everyone updated and engaged to ensure a safe working environment. Lastly, you can impart the value of being proactive when it comes to coming up with ways to keep your space safe while keeping it equally productive.

Ensuring a safe work space involves a hundred per cent commitment and compliance among employees within various departments in your company. This should help you minimize accidents and other work related incidents. Stay involved with the current trends on organizational safety and you’ll be making a huge step in gaining the most out of your job. A personal injury lawyer can provide professional consultation with regards to safety procedures and laws related to your company.


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