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Many parents find it baffling and worry them a lot about the growing rate of obese and unproductive children of this generation. In fact, weight management programs for kids are continuously being organized to suppress the increasing rate. Actually, it seems that kids of today are by far motivated to even work out their fingers by playing their favorite PSP or computer game or even run through the buttons of their TV remote than go out to the park and play with friends every weekend and during their spare time. According to studies, around 50 percent of children’s ages until their early adulthood is not getting enough physical activity that they need daily.

The Younger Generation Of Slouch Potatoes

Most children nowadays spend more time watching TV, browse their computer, and use other gadgets after coming from school than do their homework, project or even hang out a bit with friends. This exposure to digital entertainment has captured the young generations’ attention which leaves them so little time to get their bodies and brains working and get fit.

It’s hard to motivate a child to do something he is not used doing and encouraging them to get involved in physical activities without proper introduction will not even make them think twice about it.

Now, here are some tips on how parents or adults like you orient them with exercise and physical activities that will benefit them long term.

Lure Your Kiddos To Get Physical

  1. Have A Gaming Time.

  • If your children are more into video or computer gaming, use that as your prize after they have completed or done a physical activity. Make them do their school stuff and spend time with their friends after school. Like, have them play at the park or encourage them to try sports. If they’ve done your task, allow them to chill down with their favorite video game after dinner. You can even join them so you can also understand what makes them so interested in playing it. Just don’t make yourself end up as the more addicted one.
  1. Minimize Your TV Collection.

  • If you’re one of the many consumers who are so into new models of home appliances and entertainment systems, then you may have a collection of televisions in your house. It’s fun entertainment for sure, but if you are raising a non-active kid who spends more time binge-watching whatever on their TV then maybe you have to do something about it.
  1. Don’t Expect An Instant Yes.

  • Raising a kid is challenging and having them divert their activity into something new which is totally different from what they usually do will always – in the process – give you a “No” answer. So instead of forcing them to stop playing a video game and head to the park to play ball with their friends, give them time like a 5-minute warning will do. Just be patient, eventually, they will try to do it for you until they finally do it because they wanted to.
  1. Be Your Kids Cheerleader.

  • Parents are their kids’ first teacher and should also be their one and only believer. If ever they get to discover something new or have unlocked an achievement, they are expecting that their parents are to cheer and praise them first. So if you wanted to encourage them to get into more “kiddie” physical activities to stay fit and healthy a little push will help and always cheer them every time they make baby steps progress.
  1. Trick Them To Exercise

  • You have to involve your children in doing chores and be a responsible individual. It also a good diversion for you to make them do various, physical activities at home. For instance ask them to help you do the dishes, clean the laundry, gardening, wash the car, and decorate the house. They will not notice that you are just luring them into doing daily household exercises; they will treat it as their responsibility to follow.
  1. Walk, Walk, Walk

  • Walking has always provided tons of health benefits to all ages and this is also one of the best ways to keep your kids stay fit. Ask your kids to walk the dog or stroll with you to the grocery store. It’s a great bonding opportunity while keeping them from gaining weight.

Chubby kids may look cute on the outside but are not healthy on the inside. These tips will really come in handy to keep kids from growing unproductive. So if you want your kids to start getting fit while they’re still young the doctors’ weight loss center Ashburn can always give you a hand.



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