Do you know why your basement smell unpleasant?

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No matter how careful you are with the pipes and sewers, you might experience unpleasant odors from the drains. It is essential to detect the root of the problem because it might lead to clogs in your drain line and at times, you will find that the drains are not even responding to the chemical drain openers. Thus, you have to call a professional sewer and drain cleaning company to disperse the clogs in the inaccessible areas.

Why do your drain pipes smell?

The bad odors from your drain pipes are caused by the emission of gases from the leakage in the pipes or from clogging. These are probably the signs that the drains need to be cleared out by a professional.  When the temperatures are rising, you will often find that the odor turns into a stronger one, which is also harmful to the health. Call the plumbers immediately, to check your drainage system and arrange for the remedies.

Avoid dumping the food scraps and waste materials in the drain:

Many homeowners commit the mistake of dumping the scraps and waste materials used during cooking in the drain. The result is clogged pipes, leakage, and a foul-smelling sewer. You can easily avoid the situation, by disposing of the food scraps in the waste bins.

Get rid of algae:

The dark, damp and moist popes are ideal for the growth of algae and weeds, which in turn lead to clogged pipes and unpleasant smell. Setting up a regular maintenance plan with a professional plumber can help you to avoid the significant expenditure due to leaking pipes. Additionally, you can also prevent the algae growth in the pipes, by the aid of natural household products which will not increase the toxicity of the drains or sewers.

How can you clean your drain line?

Cleaning your drain line is an easy task, and if you can continue the procedure from time to time, it will prevent the algae and weeds from accumulating inside the drain lines. Vinegar or baking soda in a cup of warm water is a practical solution to clear out the pipes. Avoid using chlorine bleach, because the unprofessional handling of the chemical can corrode the pipes.  However, in order to ensure complete cleaning, you need to create a high-pressure air source, which will clear up the accumulated materials from the pipes. Turn to the professional drain pipe cleaning service westchester providers at least once or twice a year and use the natural ingredients to clean the pipes alternatively after a few months to be on the safer side.


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