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The basics of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is also referred to as HVAC. This is a common term that the general public uses. And most people understand what it refers to. Though, people do not know how these unit works. So, they are also not able to make the right decisions when choosing HVAC repair services.

We have already mentioned what HVAC stands for. Basically, this is a combined term that refers to a wide range of system. These systems are primarily responsible for the movement of air in outdoor and indoor areas. Along with that, HVAC systems are significantly used in commercial and residential buildings.

What are they used for?

These units not only keep the temperature in the room at the right level, but they are also used to maintain the levels of humidity in the environment. They can clean the air indoors to make sure that you are healthy and safe from any allergy triggers such as pollen.

Working of HVACs

Well, the working of HVACs is quite complex. The working would vary depending on the type of unit that you have installed. For instance, air conditioners are different from heat pumps. Although they both use the same thermodynamic principles, the process is different. Similarly, different types of air conditioners and heat pumps will also employ different processes among themselves.

So, there is no single generic method of working that applies to all HVACs.

HVACs do more than just cooling space and warming it. Rather, HVACs can be used to improve the air quality and to make the environment comfortable for all people living in a building. As we mentioned already, there are many types of HVAC systems. However, the interesting thing here is that they are all used for the same purpose.

It all begins with an intake of fresh air from outside or inside the house. This is a process that is referred to as ventilation. This might be through natural ventilation or forced ventilation. For that, mechanical systems may be used.

After getting in, the air is taken into an air handling unit. This is where the actual work starts. After that, the unit works to develop a comfortable environment for every person in the building. This is done by cleaning the quality of the air.

After the air is fresh and clean, then it is redirected back into the house by the HVAC system. For different systems, it means that the air will have to go through various different rooms. Hence, it will move through many ducts.

In other HVAC systems, all the air goes into a single source and there is no further network to distribute the air into various other smaller compartments. This is how almost all HVAC systems work. Though, as we mentioned earlier, there are many subtle differences between different types of units. So, their working is also quite different.

It would be impossible for one to understand every type of unit fully. As a result of this, experts usually specialize in one type of equipment and understand it inside out. That is what delivers the best value.


Now, we hope that you understand all the basics of HVAC systems. In this article, we talked about the way these systems work and what they are in the first place.

If you are now ready to get your HVAC units at the home replaced, just reach out to the best air conditioning repair services Fairfax near you. Always choose company that has significant amount of experience and past work portfolio. Also, consider reading the reviews of every company on the internet in order to learn more about it before hiring.


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