Use the Services of Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Experts to Your Advantage

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Grease trap cleaning services are important for many reasons. If you are a restaurant owner, you know that aside from preparing and serving delicious food, you also have to ensure that your whole place is clean and follow the safety and health codes. Unfortunately, you are probably not trained when it comes to industrial waste removal. Well, there is no need for you to be because everything can become easier as there are professionals who will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

What are Grease Traps?

A grease trap or grease interceptor is an integral component of the drainage and sewer system. These plumbing devices are responsible for intercepting most of the solids and greases before they enter the sewer system. These are even required in most regions for keeping the sewers functions. Since oils and fats can clog a sewer system, using grease traps ensures that sewers can run smoothly. Aside from maintaining full functionality of sewers, a grease trap is also responsible for the treatment of all water that comes out of commercial kitchens.

The Need to Clean Your Grease Traps

Grease interceptors require regular cleaning for them to maintain their effectiveness. If not, these could get clogged with fats and excess oils. There are restaurant owners who try to clean the grease traps on their own but you will be much better off if you will leave it to the hands of professionals.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Traps?

The cleaning frequency will basically depend on the use of your grease trap as well as the amount of grease that accumulates in the trap. As for restaurants which have heavy daily use of grease traps, it is recommended to have a bi-weekly cleaning of the traps to ensure that these will remain completely functional all the time. If the grease traps are not used that often, it is recommended to go for a monthly cleaning, at least, although you will need to monitor the trap and clean it when needed.

How Will You Know When Your Grease Traps Require Cleaning

Drain cleaning nyc experts state that once grease accumulated on your grease traps to the point that these are no longer working in an efficient manner, it is a sign that the traps already need some cleaning. Proper grease disposal is a crucial part of the plumbing system of your restaurant and when it doesn’t work properly, you are actually violating a lot of health codes.


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