What Is The Difference Between Bathroom And Kitchen Countertops

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Bathroom and kitchen countertops may seem the same thing by looks as you can use quartz countertops Cambria and other materials for both, but there are significant differences in countertop design, the way they are made and how they function. Here is a detailed difference between bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops, as they sound, are countertops which are installed in the kitchen. They are more than just regular countertops. They need to be extremely durable, water resistant and stain resistant, so that their cleaning is easier.

Common Materials

Kitchen countertops are made out of many different materials, some are natural while others are man-made. These include, but not limited to granite, ceramic, cement, concrete, glass, quartz, and marble countertops among others.

Multifunctional And Large

Kitchen countertops need to be multifunctional as there are a lot of things that could be done on these surfaces. They are typically larger in size and usually cover the entire perimeter of the working surface in the kitchen.


Kitchen countertops are not just for display or for their looks. They need to be strong and durable to be able to endure high heat and impacts which are very common in the kitchen. Hot pans and pots need to be handled and placed on the countertops, so they need to be heat resistant and crack proof.

Smooth Edges

Kitchen countertops also need to be designed in a particular way so that their edges are not poking out, which can be quite dangerous for children who mindlessly bump into kitchen countertops.

Unlike bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops are more practical and people tend to not go for the looks only. These countertops usually have a minimalistic appearance to them rather than an aesthetically pleasing look. Some of the most common materials for countertops which are loved by people are quartz and granite countertops. Other materials are already mentioned above, but these two are the best in many way.

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom countertops are also a very important part of a bathroom as they are the places where the sink sits. These countertops serve a completely different purpose than regular kitchen countertops. These countertops need to have a more royal and luxurious look and feel to them.

Common Materials

They are usually made out of porcelain, ceramic, soapstone, composite quartz or tiles. These materials have one thing in common and that is they have a lustrous look and shiny finish to them. Other materials that can be used for bathroom countertops are laminate, granite and wood, but these materials are not very suitable for bathrooms as they are not as water resistant as other materials mentioned before.

Looks And Sizes

These materials are more inclined towards aesthetics than being more practical. They need to be muted in color and loud colors are not the way to go in bathrooms. Bathroom countertops are also smaller and less thicker in size as they don’t need to be too durable or strong, because there is no human traffic in the bathroom.

A bathroom countertop is most generally about 2 to 4 feet in length horizontally. The thickness is also quite less and the sink usually rests on top of the countertop along with water taps and other fixtures.

Cost And Durability

These countertops are also quite expensive like kitchen countertops because the material is expensive. Bathroom countertops have more of an aesthetically pleasing look to them, and strength and durability is usually not considered when selecting the material.

While this is usually the case, this is not always true because ceramic, porcelain and tiles are quite strong materials for the bathroom.

Since there are not a lot of things in the bathroom already, you can get away with lesser strong materials as well. These materials are also easy to clean up. Sometimes, if there is not a sink on top of the countertop, it may be hollowed inside the countertop itself, for this, the material needs to be thicker as the material needs to sustain the hollow and heavy sink weight.

There you have it! With this thorough guide of difference between kitchen and bathroom countertops, you now know how they have to be maintained and taken care of. Talk with a quartz countertop contractor Centreville for choosing a countertop for kitchen or bathroom.


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