3 Situations When You Have To Replace Your Fashionable Sunglasses

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When you buy designer sunglasses or any other high-end units you don’t have to replace them, right? Wrong. Just like any other products in your life, you will have to replace the sunglasses after a particular time. If you are wondering when you should replace your sunglasses, here are situations when you should do it:

The sunglasses are damaged

The damage can be a simple scratch or severe damage that the units might have had after falling off your face or pocket. Your decision on whether to replace the sunglasses or not should depend on the extent of the damage. If the units have a serious scratch, they might be unpleasant to look at; thus you may have to replace them, but if it’s just a minor damage, you don’t have to incur the replacement cost. If the glass or frame is seriously damaged from falling, you should replace your units.

The sunglasses are no longer cool

In addition to protecting your eyes, the other reason why people buy sunglasses is to look cool. Sunglass manufacturers are coming up with new designs every day. If you have been having your glasses for a long time and there are plenty of other designs that will look better on you, you should consider going for them. For a great look, the new glasses you buy should complement your face shape. They also should be durable to avoid going to the sunglasses store now and then.

The sunglasses have lost their power

The primary reason why people invest in sunglasses is that they want to protect their eyes from the harmful sun rays. If you have noticed that you are squinting when driving or when you get outside while wearing the sunglasses, it means that your units have lost their power and it’s time to invest in new ones. If you have prescription sunglasses, it’s common for them to lose their power after some time. If you are short or long sighted and you have noticed that you are now struggling to see clearly, you should highly consider investing in new units.


These are situations when you should replace your fashionable sunglasses. When buying the new units, buy them from a reputable store. This is to increase your chances of buying high-quality units. For the units to look good on you, pay attention to your face shape and skin tone.


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