How To Plan A Micro Wedding

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Whether it is to minimize costs such as wedding tent rentals, decorations and venue or to avoid too much physical contact with the onset of the novel coronavirus, minimonies have gained immense traction lately. Here is how you can plan one for yourself!

Find The Right Venue To Host Your Wedding With Close Guests

Now that you have made the decision to host a micro wedding, the first thing you will need to do is size down if you had already booked a venue. Look for a place that will have 50 of your close acquaintances and no more. This will not only help you plan out the wedding in more detail, it will also keep costs down.

Having A Dream Destination Wedding Might Now Be Possible

Because you have decided to scale down your wedding arrangements to a fraction of its original size, you might have a considerable budget left over from what you initially allocated for the ceremony, and what better way to spend that than to have a destination wedding of your dreams. Flying out a few friends and family members over to the beach in Hawaii is actually not so far fetched now.

Make Sure To Only Invite The People Who Truly Care For You

The key to having a micro wedding is to keep it micro in all aspects, and that includes the total number of people you will be inviting. Make sure that this number does not exceed over 50 or else there would be no point in having an intimate ceremony that a minimony offers.

Find The Right Officiant Who Will Bond You Together As Couple

This one goes without saying. Regardless of if you are having a full fledged wedding or a low key intimate wedding ceremony, an officiant is a necessity in order to present the vows and actually tie two people together in marriage for all times to come. You can get your local patron or even a close friend who has a way with words and knows the steps.

Have The Wedding Party Or Reception In The Same Venue

If the point of you hosting a micro wedding in the first place is to save up on venue costs, essentially the biggest source of expense in a celebration of any size, than it goes without saying that instead of booking a separate place to host your wedding reception, you should use the same space for both the ceremony and reception.

Let Your Imagination Loose To Make The Event More Intimate

One of the biggest advantages of going small is how much more attention you can give to each individual aspect of the ceremony. With just a small space to decorate, you can go all out to transform it however you see fit, and actually make the wedding of your dreams a reality.

Choose A Photographer To Preserve Memories Of The Day

Since a micro wedding enables you to have a very intimate celebration with only your close friends and family in attendance, you will need a good photographer to capture the day in all its glory.

Make Sure To Not Go Over Budget When Planning The Day Out

There is no doubt that by scaling down your wedding ceremony, you are saving up on considerable planning expenses, however keep in mind that your budget is still limited at the end of the day. If a special service or decor is not worth it, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on it.

Micro weddings are a relatively new concept in the field of wedding celebrations and events, but that in no way means that it is unique. People have been micromanaging and scaling back their special day for years as a means to make the ceremony even more intimate along with saving money on food and party tent rentals Rockland NY. And it is only now that the practice makes more sense than ever due to the current pandemic situation. Instead of postponing their wedding celebrations outright, couples have found a common ground in the form of minimonies, which enables them to still ensure that the day is one of the most memorable ones in their life up to that point, as well as going forward for all the times to come.


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