Top 8 Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

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Wedding planning is a hectic job. While it sounds like a breeze but things like wedding tent rentals and finding the right wine vendors can take up a lot of time if not done properly.

Top Wedding planning mistakes

If you are planning and organizing your own wedding, here are a few mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Making a Schedule

A lot of things need to be done on your big day like making sure your wedding party rentals are on time and failing to plan them out properly and preparing a schedule for each and every activity that needs to happen can cost you a lot of time, messing up the whole day.

Nobody wants to the see the biggest day of their life fall apart due to time mismanagement. The best way to avoid a debacle like forgetting to hire wedding tent rentals for your wedding day, you need to create an itinerary a few days prior and list down every activity and task you have planned for the wedding, and dedicate pre-decided time for each one.

The Wedding Dress

Nothing can be more satisfying for a girl than to wear the dress of her dreams on her wedding day. But when putting aside the budget for your bridal look in the wedding party, you need to consider a lot of things than just the price of the gown.

The budget has to fit the shoes, shipping (if you are buying online), veil, undergarments, hair accessories, jewelry and even alterations that you may likely require at the last moment. If all this is not considered, you may very well be spending a considerable amount of your wedding budget on just your dream bridal look. Renting a bridal dress from some wedding party rental service is also a good way to save money.

Plan for the Weather

As your wedding day nears, check out the weather forecast for the big day. Have the venue prepared accordingly to avoid facing any inconvenience or creating trouble for your guests. If the forecasts predict rain, choose an indoor venue and only hire wedding tent rentals that can accommodate you in rain as well.

Allocate Time for Photos

Taking wedding photos can be very time consuming. And considering the importance of the day, you have to assign ample amount of time for the session. Since everyone, from family to friends, wants to get in on the action, proper coordination is required. People do forget about allotting proper amount of time to the photo session which ends up disrupting further ceremonies and makes the wedding a rushed event for the couple.

Long Speeches

Everybody has something good to share about the bride and the groom, especially the best man and the father of the bride. And we have all seen that one wedding where the speech becomes so long that it just kills the vibe of the wedding and bores the guests. Do not let that happen at your wedding.

Allot exact minutes to the people who wish to make a speech at your wedding and do not allow them to drift off of their time limit or the whole schedule could be disrupted.

Micro Management

While the idea of ordering people around and assigning them tasks to get things done may sound good in your head, trust us, it isn’t. In fact, it could actually make a mess of the whole wedding. But this also does not mean that you have to do everything by yourself. You can assign smaller and less important tasks to friends or family, while handling the more important ones your self.

Avoid Being a Perfectionist

We understand that it is your special day and you want everything to be exactly as you imagined, down to a tee. Nevertheless, rather than being a perfectionist be a realist and always leave space for human error.

You should also avoid comparing your wedding with the ones you may have witnessed on TV or on the internet as most of such weddings are staged.

Do Not Let the Pressure Catch On

Yes, it is your wedding but everyone you may come across from your friends and family might have certain ideas about your big day that may pressurize you. We have even seen people pressure the bride and groom about which wedding party rentals NY they should hire. Do not let anyone push you around about what is best for your wedding. It is your big day and you and your fiancée have all the right to do what you wish at it.



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