7 Deck Building Tips You Should Know

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Having a deck is one of the best ways to enjoy nature and relax with your friends and family members. It is also amongst the easiest and most interesting DIY projects. However, building a deck is all about details. If you are not smart and careful with your decisions, you might end up wasting your hard-earned money so better hire experienced deck builders. We are going to share some tips that will help you in this project.

Plan Ahead

Before the start of any addition or renovation, it is important that the homeowner plans ahead and lays everything down on a piece of paper. Building a deck or carrying out other projects is surely exciting and people get carried by it. Initially, you are supposed to have a bunch of ideas in your head.

However, you need to understand that not every idea is feasible based on your budget, space available, and other important factors. Unfortunately, these factors go ignored, which causes a huge financial loss by the time the project is complete. Furthermore, experts also suggest taking your time and planning thoroughly to avoid disagreements between the contractor and the homeowner.

You should define the purpose of the deck. Decide if you want to have a relaxing space or simply want to utilize some available space. Then, check if you need permits for building a deck. Most importantly, contact a neighbor or a friend who happens to have a deck.

This will give you an insight and a much closer look into how the final product will look like.

Know Your Budget

This is yet again an overlooked factor when building or renovating house. From the outside, building a deck may seem simple and affordable but you can easily end up making it expensive based on your needs and preferences. There is a lot that you can add to the project such as expensive materials to simply destroy your budget.

This is why it is important to know and define your budget. As mentioned earlier, it is easy to get carried away and you do not want that especially if you are working with a limited amount of money and a small backyard. Without having defined your budget, it is easy to become distracted and focus on luxuries rather than practicality.

As a result, if you plan on selling the property in the future, you might not be able to negotiate a good price for it.

Consider Both Short-Term And Long-Term Costs

Considering both short-term and long-term deck building costs is important because it helps you cover both sides of the equation. While building a deck, it is normal for anyone to just focus on the current costs without giving a thought to the future costs. For instance, you might choose to go with timber at the moment since it is cheap.

However, you are also forgetting the fact that it will become a headache down the road. Therefore, you need to balance the equation. Saving money by reducing costs is a smart move but does not compromise quality and other important factors along the way.

Maintenance is also key in ensuring the deck looks good for years to come. But that does not mean you have to spend hours cleaning it throughout the week. Instead, it should require a few minutes each day or a thorough cleaning session once a week to return to its original glory.

Consult An Expert

A common mistake made by homeowners planning to build a deck by themselves, especially for the first time, is ignoring an expert’s advice. To save money, they think they can do it better without needing anyone’s suggestion. While it may work for those who have previously carried out deck-building tasks but not in the case of first timers.

Then again, deck building might seem like a very simple project but a lot could go wrong. Have an expert on your side who will help your project go in the right direction. Furthermore, it also helps you save costs wherever possible. An expert will consider your budget, needs and preferences, space available, and building codes to keep everything in line.

If you do it on your own, you might miss out on minor details that will cost you big time in the long run. Also, if you want to build a pergola for your deck, working with pergola builders Long Island for both a deck and a pergola can get you discounts as well.

Choose The Right Decking Material

Before picking up a tool or giving your contractor the go-ahead to begin the process, make sure you pick the right supplier and the best material for your particular environment. This is because deck materials are different for both hot and cold regions.

Based on your budget, you will also need to choose between different decking materials such as real wood timber or composite. Composite decking is a bit pricier. However, they can last for more than two decades if maintained properly. Plus, it is relatively a lot easier to keep such decks clean.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid any form of wood, you can also choose PVC or aluminum. PVC decking will look like wood, but it will last longer than hardwood and composite. Aluminum also lasts for decades, but it won’t look like wood.

Check The Foundation

Regardless of the type or location of the deck, you need to make sure the foundation is strong. If the house is old and the foundation has moved over the years, you will need to fix it before building a deck. Keep in mind that deck footings need to be installed properly and set in concrete.

That said, if there is a problem with the foundation, your deck will face issues in the future as well. To fix the foundation, you will need to call in the experts. Fixing a poor foundation takes a lot of time and effort. And it is more difficult than building a deck. Therefore, it is better to call in the professionals and let their skills do the talking.

Keep It Simple

A deck is supposed to be a relaxing or entertaining area and not meant to impress the neighbors. If your plan is to impress and show off, you will surely end up wasting money by spending on items you didn’t need in the first place. That is why experts suggest keeping it simple.

From the design to the materials, focus on what suits your purpose, preferences, and needs. If you plan on placing some furniture and décor items, look for sources that are selling slightly used items at a lower price. Keep in mind that the deck should blend in with the house.

If the deck appears more luxurious than the house itself, the overall theme will go off. Therefore, ensure everything is synced and not looking like a misfit.


Building a deck can either be easy or difficult depending on the planning and decisions you take along the way. The tips mentioned above are tried and tested and have helped the majority of homeowners come up with the perfect deck. Choosing the right deck contractor Port Jefferson, thorough planning combined, and a focus on practicality will surely help you build a deck you have always longed for.


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