8 Tips On How To Stick To Your Wedding Budget

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When it comes to wedding preparations, it is really easy to get carried away and understandably so. After all, it is the most important day of your life. But unless you have deep pockets, here are some tips on how to keep expenses like venue, wedding party rentals, decor, food, and others under control.

Rethink Your Wedding Day and Date

You may be surprised to learn how much of a difference a few weeks of adjustment to your wedding date can make to your planning expenses. If you have your big day during off peak season, you can save on venue, vendors, travel, bookings, food costs and much more. So if staying in budget is your goal, this one is a no brainer.

Choose A Location That Is Well Within Your Means

You may have always dreamed of a sunset wedding in Bahamas but understand that some things are better left as dreams, and when it comes to real life, you need to be practical or risk blowing through your budget. That does not mean you can’t have what you want during your wedding. The key tip here is to strike a balance. For example, why not have a wedding at your local beach rather than the Bahamas?

Try Not to Splurge Too Much on The Dresses

The wedding gown for the bride and the tux or suit for the groom is something that will only be worn for a few hours at max on this one occasion, and therefore it makes no sense to spend a fortune on getting something so momentary. But worry not as there are countless places that rent these out for this exact reason.

Reevaluate the Wedding Guests List

We understand if you want the whole world to know how happy you are on your wedding day, but will everyone you invite really feel the excitement or are they just there for the free food and drinks? If you answer in the latter, you need to sit down and make some tough decisions. Anyone outside of your main family has to go.

You Drink It, You Bring It

Simple as that. After all, bringing your own drink is the norm when it comes to most home parties, so why not treat a wedding the same? You can shake things up a bit by providing mixers, and have guests mix and match poisons for a fun time.

Hold Back on The Wedding Décor

The same thing which applies to your wedding dress applies here as well: it is just one day and decorations are temporary, so why blow all your wedding budget on something so momentary just to prove your love is everlasting? Put the focus on yourself and not the bling. Once again, we are not saying to completely forgo any decoration on your wedding. Just keep it realistic. Instead of going for the rarest flowers for example, choose artificial accessories or do a bit of DIY. You get the idea.

Consider Your Honeymoon Plans Well in Advance

Yes, you honeymoon counts as part of the wedding, and therefore the budget for it will come out of the same expenses. You will have to make a decision here whether you prioritize the alone time you two will have on your honeymoon, or partying it up with everyone during the wedding, and then divide your overall budget based on the answer.

Account for Unforeseen Expenses

When it comes to weddings, believe us when we tell you that not everything will go according to plan and expenses will pop up out of nowhere. Tipping your vendors, making tent arrangements thanks to the sudden change in weather, last minute alterations and schedule changes are only some of the things that you will find yourself paying out of your already strained wedding budget. The right approach here is to account for these circumstances in advance and have a separate contingency fund in case things start going awry, and you know they will.

These are some of the basic things you should focus on to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly and that expenses don’t exceed your budget limit. That’s why you should check out wedding rental packages Northern VA from different rentals to ensure less spending.


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