How To Prepare For A Bathroom Remodel

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A bathroom remodel can take from a few days to weeks depending on your requirements and the size of the bathroom. To prevent excessive headaches and stress, prepare for your bathroom remodeling well with these tips.

Make Sure You Have The Project Schedule

Going over budget is a common challenge in bathroom remodeling. Another common problem that usually occurs in bathroom remodeling is the time it takes. Many times, the project time is extended due to unforeseen repairs or unprofessional contractors.

Therefore, you should make sure that you have the exact start and finish date of the project including what will happen from start to finish.

When you sign a contract with a contractor, the project’s start and finish time is stated in the contractor along with other details. Make sure the contractor has it and double-check with the contractor about the dates and schedules.

This is because you will need to prepare your bathroom for remodeling and make changes in your and your family’s normal routines. You won’t be able to use the bathroom so the traffic will be diverted to another bathroom.

Order The Materials And Fixtures

When you know the schedule, you should order the materials and fixtures like faucets, shower heads, racks, cabinets, toilets, bathtub, hardware, countertop, tiles, and other things.

Ordering these items before the project is important so that they are on-site when the project begins and used as required without any subcontractor waiting for an item to arrive because this will cause a delay which will delay other subcontractors’ work as well, delaying the whole project.

The best time to order all the materials is after signing the contractor. You should have all your requirements mentioned in the contract so the contractor or you can order the materials and fixtures. Shipments take time and if some of your materials will be shipped from another country, they will take much more time than other items. So, never ignore this step.

And if you’re on a tight schedule and can’t wait for items to be shipped from other countries, settle for the items in stock.

Discuss The Construction Process With The Contractor

Many things are not mentioned in the contract. So, you will need to communicate with the bathroom remodeling contractor Bowie about things like dust control, protection of the materials, where the new materials will be placed, and other details.

Firstly, check with the contractor about dust control. Ask how they usually control dust and which measure they suggest to you for better dust control. Moreover, ask whether the area will be cleaned every day by the crew or if you would have to make arrangements for cleaning up. You should also discuss child and pet safety.

For the protection of your property, you should ask what measures will they take to prevent damage to the property during the process like the flooring, stairs, entrance, walls, carpeting, furniture, and others that are in the route to the bathroom.

For the new materials that you will receive, ask the contractor where they will be placed because you will need to make space for them.

Furthermore, discuss how trash will be removed from the property. Plus, ask about a portable toilet, where it will be placed, and how frequently will be serviced. Make sure the contract has things like daily cleanup, dumpster fees, and a portable toilet.

Create A Bathroom Routine For All The People In Your House

Consider that you have two bathrooms and six people who use these two bathrooms three each. If one bathroom is getting a renovation, all six people in the house will have to use the one remaining bathroom.

To avoid bottlenecks, you should create a bathroom routine for everyone according to their school, college, work, or other schedules.

Shift Some Load From The Bathroom

To reduce traffic to the bathroom, shifting some items from the bathroom to other rooms can do the trick. This makes access to essential bathroom stuff like toilet and shower easier and quicker for everyone.

Think about moving vanity-related things like hair dryers, makeup, hair products, and others to another room. If you have a powder room, shift teeth-brushing, shaving, and similar tasks to that room.

Organize Items In The Bathroom Cabinets

You can’t leave a bathroom for remodeling with overflowing cabinets. So, sort the items in the cabinets by first, putting the old items in one bin and if there are recyclables in old items, keep them in another bin.

Then, pick out the items you use every day and put them in a box. Afterward, take the seldom-used items like face masks, extra razors, soaps, and others and put them in another box.

Once done, you will be left with many new and unused items. Check the items. Those newer than 3 months should be kept, but anything older means that you aren’t used them yet and may not use them so put them in a box that will be labeled as a donation.

Make sure to perform the same process with all the bathrooms in your house and not only the bathroom that will be renovated. This is because as more people will use the remaining bathrooms, you will need space in the cabinets for the new items.

When sorting items from the cabinets in the other bathrooms that will have to take more traffic and making the seldom-used items’ box, move it to another room because these items don’t need to be in the bathroom during the remodeling process. Keep them in a nearby room for more space in the cabinets. Moreover, add freestanding shelves in those bathrooms as well.

Clear The Bathroom That Will Remodeled

Leaving the cleanout process on the day when the contractors arrive will only delay the project, so make sure to clear everything out from the bathroom. Keep in mind that any left in the bathroom after a cleanout is considered trash.

You have emptied your cabinets with the earlier step, so you should remove shower curtains, rods, rings, plants, rugs, items in medicine cabinets, trash cans, anything on the walls like photos, and others. You can throw the items not required and keep the important items in other bathrooms. After clearing out everything, you should consider cleaning the toilet and bathtub especially you’re going for toilet and/or bathtub replacement.

Clear The Route From The Entrance To The Bathroom

Anything on the floors like rugs, plants, and other items can be a tripping hazard. So, remove everything that is in the way from the entrance to the bathroom for clear access to the workers. If drilling will be done during the project, remove photos, clocks, and others from the adjacent rooms and hallways to keep them from damage. Moreover, remove things hanging on the walls from the entrance to the bathroom.

Moreover, define a clear path for the workers for entering and exiting the bathroom and house. Also, know their schedule when they begin work and when they leave so you adjust yourself accordingly.


Bathroom remodeling is a time-consuming project. To avoid problems, discuss the details of the project with the bathroom remodelers Silver Spring in advance about the schedule and details. Then, prepare yourself and your bathroom for the remodel with the above-mentioned tips.


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