How To Prevent Commercial Oven Problems?

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The food industry across the globe is ever-expanding. With new restaurants and cafes being introduced every day, the need for commercial kitchen appliances is also on the rise. Commercial ovens are one of the most important and popular commercial kitchen appliances that need to be looked after. Unfortunately, a lot of people make the maintenance look complicated and carry out commercial appliances repair that led to problems. So, here is how to prevent commercial oven problems.

Perform Maintenance At The End Of The Day

The first thing you need to make sure of when it comes to commercial oven maintenance is to perform service at the end of the day even if the oven seems clean. Most business owners ignore this basic factor assuming they will clean it at a later point in time. However, with time the accumulation of oil, grease, and dirt takes its toll and starts to affect the performance.

Commercial ovens are rigid and tough appliances that are specifically made for heavy-duty work. This means they can last years if provided with proper maintenance. Part of performing service at the end of the day entails that you educate and train your employees as well.

If your employees have no idea of how to use or look after a commercial oven, they will most probably misuse it without even knowing. As a result, your commercial oven will begin experiencing problems. For instance, the employees should know to remove the racks and clean them before placing them inside.

A clean commercial oven is not only important for a longer life span and smooth running but also for preventing cross-contamination. The last thing you would want is for your customers to experience food poisoning just because you failed to clean the unit properly.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Recommendations

When you purchase a new commercial oven, you are provided with a user manual. This booklet contains information about troubleshooting tips and maintenance. If you want to keep your commercial oven running in great condition without any complications whatsoever, there is no other way but to follow this manual.

Although, maintenance procedures are more or less the same for all commercial ovens but may slightly differ based on the model. For instance, some types of commercial ovens may be a lot more technologically advanced than others meaning they are equipped with smart features and sensors.

Plus, there are some no-go areas as well that might be potentially dangerous or too risky to work on. You have to keep in mind that even though modern commercial ovens are smart but also sensitive. You do not want to experiment with certain components and get them damaged leading to expensive repairs and replacements.

Furthermore, if your commercial oven is under warranty, you should follow the manual. This is because going the other way might result in a warranty void. The manufacturer will recommend the best maintenance schedule and technique to keep the oven running as efficiently as possible.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

In addition to training your employees and making sure they keep the commercial clean, it is also important that you schedule professional maintenance at least once every six months or more depending on the usage frequency. Some manufacturers may recommend professional maintenance once a year but then again, it all depends on external factors as well.

Professional maintenance is not only about cleaning but also thoroughly inspecting and identifying cracks, damages, leaks, etc. beforehand. This significantly helps repair and replace the faults before they turn serious and affect the overall unit as well.

Most business owners believe that professional maintenance is just a way of making money. However, if you were to look at it as an investment rather than an expense, you would know it goes a long way in terms of ensuring you do not need a replacement anytime soon.

Therefore, you should either contact the manufacturer or find an expert who specializes in dealing with cleaning and maintenance.

Calibrate The Oven Temperature

Some small things that can make a big difference. For instance, oven temperature calibration is essential to ensure the oven functions properly. Now, commercial ovens are comprised of several components. Even if a small component was to malfunction, it would halt the entire functioning of the oven.

That said, oven calibration is crucial for the oven to maintain accurate temperature. With time and regular usage, the oven may lose its calibration especially if it was recently serviced. To avoid such a problem, you should calibrate the oven temperature regularly.

In some cases, the readings might be slightly off but the effect will show in the final result. You might end up burning or overcooking a customer’s order at the last moment. Then again, it would be better if you call in an expert and get things done the right way.

Calibration is required for appliances that have a thermostat. Deep fryers need calibration as well else they may not fry food in the right temperature. This means the food quality will be impacted and you must avoid this at all costs by ensuring preventative maintenance. For maintenance, consult a deep fryer repair Fairfax expert.

Can I Clean The Oven Myself?

Yes, you can clean the oven yourself as long as you have the right tools and skills. Before you get on with cleaning the oven, you should wear protective gloves and try to cover the exposed parts of your body. Plus, never clean the oven when it is hot. Let it cool down for a while before you can touch it.

To clean the oven, you need to grab some off-the-shelve chemicals and microfiber cloth. Spray the chemical or solution on the components and gently wipe them off using a soft cloth. Avoid the use of sharp tools because they can damage the unit.

At the same time, remove the racks and clean them properly. If there are any stubborn stains, you will need to clean them thoroughly and repeat the process multiple times. Once you are done, allow the unit to dry and then turn it on.

While thoroughly cleaning the oven, you should also keep an eye out for any unusual signs or symptoms. If there is a leakage, crack, or damage of some sort, you should get it fixed. A lot of the problems are simply a result of ignorance. Even a tiny leak can mess up the baking process.

However, do not try fixing the issue on your own. Repairs and replacements should be handed over to experts who carry experience and skills. As a business owner, you should avoid making a decision that will save you a few hundred dollars but cost you your customers later on.

And, maintain a maintenance log as well. This way, if you plan on selling the unit in the future, you can negotiate for a better price as well knowing that the oven was taken care of.


Remember, your commercial oven will only work as well as the maintenance it receives. Make sure to clean it at the end of the day and keep your employees updated about the latest cleaning techniques and tips. Hire a commercial gas oven repair Springfield service for proper maintenance and repairs if a problem occurs.


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