Hiking And Wellness

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Just because you are healthy it doesn’t mean that you will no longer be exposed to threats such as fever, flu, and muscle pains which in the long run may lead to your back pain specialist telling you to avoid strenuous physical activities.

But then again, when your body is healthy, your body is also happy. It is not enough that you eat healthy, it would be twice as healthier if you include exercise to your healthy habit.

The Wonders of Hiking

Hiking for one can greatly increase your physical activity level, while it provides you with tons of amazing health benefits. You can start gradually, especially if you are not fit enough to increase your hiking pace yet. The first thing you have to do if you are a noob on this activity is to do your research and – invest in high quality and sturdy hiking boots or shoes. There are many hiking trails that are rated by its levels of intensity, therefore, it’s better for you to always have a hiking guide and begin with a level that is just right for your present capability. It is still better to get a doctor’s clearance before hiking if you have any history of health problems like diabetes or heart disease, more importantly, if you are pregnant.

  • Improves Your Overall Health

Hiking is one of the best reasons to spend time outdoors and get some great exercise.  It offers a web of wonderful health benefits which may help prolong human life. In fact, experts recommend hiking, just like moderate exercise routines, because they are safe for most people to begin with. No wonder people of various ages engage well in hiking. It is also a great way to bond with family and friends.

  • It Keeps Any Cardiovascular Diseases At Bay

In order to safeguard your cardiovascular system, try hiking. Doing this activity regularly, like if you are an exercise and fitness addict can do wonders to your lipoprotein and triglyceride levels. This lowers the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

  • Helps Fight Diabetes

Hiking as a routine can help you control and even prevent diabetes by lowering your blood sugar levels by a great amount of percentage. Hiking is one of the best ways to give your muscles a great workout. Although it’s best if you consult your doctor first if you are already taking some diabetes medication because if you will be doing regular hiking, your meds my needs to be adjusted too.

  • It Gives You An Energy Boost

Hiking can provide you with extra oxygen and gives your muscle a great start-up, as well as your organs and other body tissues and nerves. It also strengthens your lungs and muscles, while at the same time improve your alertness, energy, and endurance levels.

  • It’s A Great Calorie And Fat Burner

Hiking can keep your weight under control. It’s an amazing natural fat burning regimen. At a slow pace of at least 2 miles per hour, a person weighs 150-pounds can burn approximately 240 calories an hour! You can start from 30 minutes to 60 minutes daily and you will be surprised by the changes in you.

  • Increases Your Bone Density

Doing hikes can beat osteoporosis and arthritis. Regularly doing this activity helps strengthen your bones and keep your joints flexible preventing arthritis to build up.

Other Health Benefits Includes:

  • It Decreases The Chances Of Cancer To Develop.
  • Relieves Stress And Improves Your Mood.
  • Slowly Eliminates Insomnia.
  • Gives You An Enough Dosage Of Vitamin D.

Just imagine how essential hiking is. With all the benefits provided, the orthopedic doctors McLean definitely recommends hiking as one of the best physical activity to maintain a healthy body and stronger bones. So get started to enjoy all its benefits while you still can.



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