Heard About The Broken Heart Syndrome?

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Unlike a typical allergy where your asthma doctor can instantly prescribe you with medications and solutions to avoid the symptoms, this ‘heart’ syndrome is a bit different. You may have seen this scenario in movies where the story is about a couple that didn’t end up together or something bad had happened to the family and they all felt heartbroken. This is called the “ the broken heart syndrome”, and this doesn’t only exists on the big screen or is something fictional – it is REAL.

It’s in the news, magazines, and books. It’s all over the internet, you just have to research it. Losing someone you really love is emotionally tragic. As rare as it could be, the overwhelming loss of a loved one can have a serious impact on your health – physically and more so – your Heart. It’s a timely issue this Valentine season, isn’t it?


You may say that the symptoms of a broken heart syndrome are similar to like having a heart attack – shortness of breath and chest tightness.

Symptoms arise when a psychological situation happens that triggers the weakening of the heart muscles and nerves.  There are a lot of contributing factors such as a sudden shock or severe anxiety. This case is labeled as “stress-induced cardiomyopathy” or “takotsubo myopathy” by doctors.

Just like what most people believe that the human heart has its capacity to create its own story and enigma which includes the reason why it just goes weak every time an emotional or physical pressure happens.

It’s possible that a whole bunch of stress hormones team up together to pester the heart with too much load way more than it could handle. Another thing is that that adrenaline can cause the heart’s arteries to narrow cutting off the blood flow to its muscles. But unlike a heart attack, the broken heart syndrome can make a part of the heart larger than the rest – temporarily. Once this happens, it changes the way the heart beats that triggers the symptoms more.


The truth is it can happen to anyone – anytime. There is no particular age, although this syndrome is more evident among women compared to men that are older or middle-aged. But you will be even more surprised to find out that people who get broken heart symptoms are those who do not have any history of heart problems.

Although this broken heart syndrome happens to someone who loses their partner, spouse, or family member, it can basically happen to anyone and in any situation. It could happen to someone who has just been from a breakup, a financial crisis, a job loss, an abuse, or even the death of a pet. It’s something that is totally situational like when you’re at your most anxious state much the same as a surprise party or speaking in front of a large group of people or even in public. It can also be when you’re undergoing a serious health issue or surgery or just as much as when you’re having some physical dilemma, the symptoms can easily trigger and thrive.


Since the symptoms are very similar to a heart attack, you should not hesitate to call 911 immediately. Regardless of whether it’s not a real heart attack, some situations can be life-threatening and alarming. Therefore, serious medical attention is advised.

In the process of recovery and treatment, a patient will be needing some prescription medicines to manage the blood pressure and to lighten up some of the heart’s pressure.  Some medical prescriptions include beta blockers, diuretics, ACE inhibitors, and “water pills”.

And since your heart starts to become physically weak, you can easily be prone to heart failure or may acquire some heart rhythm problems. Only a professional in this field can talk to you about how you can properly deal with it and what medical measures you have to consider.

Counseling is also one of the most helpful solutions to those who are experiencing this kind of problem with anxiety or grief. Just like any other allergy specialist Manassas, your doctor can highly recommend a broken heart syndrome therapist who can assist and help you talk and walk through everything that you are feeling and thinking and be able to help you on how you can deal with it should a hurtful situation happens to you again.



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