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Variation of Chocolate Truffles to celebrate your special occasions

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A chocolate truffle is an attracting yet a delicious chocolate item specially made with some nuts such as almonds, raisins and coconuts coated on it. These truffle chocolates either appear to be in oval shape or sometimes in spherical or curved shape as well. If we talk about celebrating some special occasions, these truffles seem to do wonders and look just perfect. We can also make these truffles of chocolates either handmade or can also purchase ready made ones via an online site. Occasions can be made really magnificent with these delectable yet good looking chocolate truffles. Being an online technology lover, you can send chocolate to Australia right to the welcome door of your special someone and let them feel dazzling on this special occasion.

Roll your handmade chocolate truffles in different flavors

We all people are aware with the fact that there can be a lot of different types of flavors which we can purchase to roll our superb yet delicious handmade chocolate truffles. Though, handmade chocolate truffles are usually coated in cocoa powder, but you can also coat them into any flavor according to your near ones preference. If coated in cocoa powder, it may taste amazing and delicious too and thereby giving a perfect original savor.

To Dip or Not To Dip

Once you are done with the process of creating handmade chocolate truffles, the next dilemma that strikes our mind is whether to get them dipped in a chocolate or not? Though, to give it a perfect awe inspiring yet mouth watering look, dipping it will be none other than wonderful. The best way to dip such truffles can be to dip them in liquefied white, dark or milk chocolates. In order to dip them in your favorite chocolate flavor, you just require melting your favorite chocolate in a bowl and put those truffles into it.

These chocolate truffles once dipped give the impression of being extremely classy and expensive which in fact are not so expensive. On the whole, these dipped delectable truffles can really prove to be the best in making any of your occasions more special and endearing.

Some of the best yet lip- smacking chocolate truffles

Once you have dipped your yummy handmade chocolate truffles to your favorite flavored chocolate, you need to have a look at some of the best yet delicious truffles which can help you make your special occasion more special and appealing.

  • Belgian truffle

This is the very first type of chocolate truffle which can add touch to your occasion more than what you had thought of. The Belgian truffle is also known by the name of pralines and is specially made using dark chocolates and milk chocolates. Belgian truffles are delicious enough to bring a wider smile on the part of any person who becomes the lucky person to have it on the special occasion.

  • California truffle

California truffle is yet another scrumptious chocolate truffle which can add a crisp to your lovely occasion. This chocolate truffle is somewhat bigger in size as compared to Belgian truffles and is made by using a wonderful yummy combination of milk and butterfat chocolate cream.

  • European truffle

As its name suggests, this truffle chocolate is a European truffle. It is made by using an assortment of cocoa powder, milk powder and syrup, etc. It can be a nice alternative to give some space to keep it in your party and make the evening most succulent and multihued.

  • Swiss truffle

Melt the milk chocolate with cream and some butter and see turning your chocolate into a luscious Swiss truffle. These Swiss truffles appear to be extremely attractive and lip- smacking that you can’t resist yourself trying at least once in your occasion which is beautifully organized.

  • Creative truffles

Apart from these above mentioned truffles, these days you can also effortlessly come across various flavors of chocolate truffles online as well. You can also opt for some other flavors of these truffles right from champagne truffles to wine truffles, to liquor truffles and many more. Moreover, cake truffles delivery can also be a right choice to deliver them to your loved one’s home on the special occasions.

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

This is a different sort of chocolate truffle which can be easily prepared handmade and made using a combination of toasted hazelnut, which give these truffles an additional layer of taste with a smooth chocolate. So, make such delicious truffles ready and serve it to your loved ones in a bowl and make them feel unusual.

Chili Chocolate Truffles

It is another unique and succulent chocolate truffle which is easy to make, is sure enough to stun everyone tasting it on the occasion. These truffles might let you feel fiery in your tongue, but are delicious as well.

Chocolate Rum Truffles

For every rum lover, a chocolate truffle in rum flavor is enough to baffle you on the occasion with its different appearance and taste.

Chocolate Pistachio Truffles

This is the last but not the least type of chocolate truffle and is beautifully designed for every Pistachio truffle lover. It is easily made by using nuts and cocoa powder and tastes equally amazing.

So, you are really deciding to celebrate your occasion in a more special yet memorable way? Try some chocolate truffles this year for any special occasion either keep it in your occasion or deliver it to someone, these truffles are just right for everyone.


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