9 Extraordinary Theme for Garden Parties

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Spring is arriving and it’s time to plan for your garden parties. Enjoy the meal with your loved ones under the beautiful treat of nature. However, to start with your house or wedding party preparations, here we are to tell you some amazing ideas about themes you can have for the party. Here are coolest table decoration ideas that can simply uplift your garden party. These ideas are not just refreshing to eyes but are also easy to do for anyone.

Decor with coastal and tropical

This theme has always been in fashion for years now and will stay so…When you are hosting an outdoor party, this theme perfectly fits into the idea. There are ten ways you can decorate your party table.  With the use of beach shells, conchs and other coastal decorative, you can have it on your table to get the theme. You can try out using tropical fruits like coconut and pineapple to give it more realistic check. Also, Hawaiian decor, decking tables and sand buckets with fruits and fresh drinks, star fish stickers on your cutlery can be a good idea.

Decoration with Birdcages

Bird cage is one of the beautiful and adorable ideas to simply let your garden lift up in a polite and happy way. There are cages available in different sizes, color and shape; if you have a big ground then a small or medium sized birdcage can work. Simply hand them randomly around the table on trees and plants. This can create a completely different theme for your garden theme party. There is no much efforts needed. Simply have a good collection of some cages and hang them in your garden.

Table Decor With lanterns

If not a hanging cage around your garden, you can have lanterns that will light up the eve. When you are having a night party in your garden, lanterns in different shape or sizes can work when arranged beautifully. However, colorful lanterns in different shape and size can work I day time as well. So this one is also a simplest and attractive idea for your garden theme party table decoration.

Table Decor With candles

Candles bring a soothing and decent atmosphere. With candle decoration, you can give a feeling of warmth and love to your guests when at the party. Arrange candles in a way on the table that it pleases eyes and also light up the whole dinner theme. There are many varieties of candles available with unique shape stands. Have scented or a colorful shaped candles that suits your requirement and simply arrange them on your table.

Table Decor With fruits

If you are holding a party outdoor, it is perfect to have fruits on your list to get things freshen up in a sweet juicy way. Fruit craft will be a perfect idea to do it and it definitely will work the best for your party. This isn’t a surprising idea because many people are going natural and are opting for this idea. Bring in some fruit decor on the table and you will automatically see the magic of it at the party and on the faces of your guests. Simply create a lemon basket and flowers out of other fruits and arrange them well. This will be an adorable idea to have a perfect table decor with fruit theme in your garden.

Decor with Fresh and fake flowers

When there us nature and the garden beauty already making the whole theme look beautiful, there is something more you can add to its beauty  and just make it look a bit more adorable. Fake or fresh flowers on your table in a creative way can also make a beautiful theme for the party. Flower bouquet available online can be a good way to get fresh flowers ordered at your doorstep that saves much of your time.

Combination of blue and yellow Decor

Yellow tone adds Luster and blue tone adds royal touch to any decoration. Both these combination work the best for any garden theme. They completely balance each other very well. Yellow can be made use in any way. With this combination, you can energize the whole set up. Use yellow printable table linen and a pinch of blue on the table in a way like blue table cloth, flower vase of flowers.

Yellow Decor

As said yellow color adds luster and energizes the whole set up. Use vibrant yellow table cloth, Yellow flowers, Table crockeries and other items in yellow that can complement the greenery of your garden. Dress up your table in yellow cutlery and vase and it will simply make a beautiful arrangement.

Garden party tables decor with vases

Vase decoration with beautiful flower arrangement makes a beautiful theme for the garden party. This adds a simple yet energetic set up to the whole theme. There are no much efforts or expertise needed here. Order flowers online and arrange them on your table that will look beautiful automatically. There are many varieties of vase available such as transparent vase, Craved vase, colorful and many more. Using any of those can beautify the theme.


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