Allergy Alert! It’s Time to See Your Doctor

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When it comes to allergies, there are a lot of remedies that will help you treat them right from the comfort of your very own home. However, there are some instances when you just don’t need first aid, you need to seek medical attention from a professional allergy doctor in order to properly treat them, especially if it has gone seriously bad.

Medically speaking, if it is your first time to feel weird, sneeze uncontrollably or see red rashes on your skin  after eating certain foods or drinks and you think it’s an allergic condition let a doctor tell you whether it is or not for you to be properly educated on how to deal with certain situations in order to avoid it from happening again.

Is It An Allergy or Not?

You see, the human body has its own defense mechanism that can protect itself from the threats of viruses and bacteria around it. However, there are certain elements from nature and our surroundings that can be a triggering substance of certain allergies. Dust, pollen or molds can silently enter the body and create mild allergy symptoms. It can start from sneezes or skin itch but since our immune system armies are always on the move the defend such attacks, in most cases, it does not emerge into becoming an allergy or anything more serious than that.

Triggering Elements

There are thousands of substances around us that can cause and generate an allergic reaction. The most common are pollen from plants, dust mites from dust, molds, pet hairs, insects, chemicals, perfumes, food, spices, smoke and a lot more of “Allergens”. Now, if you think that your reaction these elements is uncontrollable then maybe this the right time to check if the “Doctor is In”.

Be mindful also that stress, worry, lack of sleep, anxiety, and other environmental and emotional condition can also trigger your allergy or sometimes may lead to asthma or something else.

Types of Allergies

Reactions usually develop in the nose, eyes, sinuses, throat, lungs, stomach, then, as it made contact with the skin, rashes or redness may occur..

Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis. This type of allergy starts with the nose like it’s your allergy-triggering device. The usual symptoms of an allergic rhinitis are sneezing runny or stuffy nose, and nose itching. Some areas that show signs of an allergy attack are the eyes and the sides of your lips. Dust, pollens or outdoor particles usually trigger this type of allergy. It used to be a seasonal allergy, however, for some, it becomes an everyday condition. This causes too much exposure to household dust, smoke, or areas such as the office, school and other public places where allergens can be very evident.

Asthma. This is when the airway passage to the lungs is congested or blocked which causes inflammation of the bronchial tubes. A person with asthma finds it difficult to breathe and their chest tightens, which causes them to cough or wheeze. Sometimes recurrent coughing is a sign of asthma, but in some cases, if not treated properly, may lead to a life-threatening situation where breathing just stops.

Skin Allergies. Skin dermatitis, hives, and eczema are allergies that affect the skin. This allergic manifestation may take days or hours to heal. Rashes are usually caused by, insect bites, oral medications, animals, chemicals, and food.

Anaphylaxis. This allergic reaction is rare but fatal. It affects certain parts of the body that is caused by medication, insect bites and food, specifically peanuts. A patient with this kind of allergic reaction experience vomiting or upset stomach like diarrhea, the sudden drop in blood pressure, skin redness or rashes, breathing problems, throat or tongue is inflamed and sometimes leads to unconsciousness.

Allergy symptoms attack the body without any warning and worsen immediately if not treated at once. Instantly call for an emergency or 911 if symptoms become critical, especially if a person is undergoing an anaphylactic attack.

Seeing a doctor or an allergist should be a habit to those experiencing these kinds of allergies. A visit to the best allergist Manassas VA is advised in order to be medically treated, educated, and be prescribed with the proper medication or tests in order to be relieved of this burden.

Having an allergy is not fun at all. It restricts you to do or eat anything you want. Be aware and extra careful about your health. Prevention is always and has been better than cure.



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