Turn Your Boring Backyard Into A Party Zone

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You can try looking for dazzling party ideas for party rentals on the web and see lots of choices, varieties, places, and prices. Instead of renting, why not create your own party zone.

This will help you lessen your costing and is an advantage because you can do all the things you want to do. You have the choice of how the place will look plus, you can even have it as your business in the future. Having a ‘home-based’ party area can give your permission to invite all of your friends who love to party all the way.

There would be a problem though. Some of your friends will try to get you to go places and do things that are all outside the boundaries of your home and which could be completely unacceptable. So what’s a millennial got to do? Transform your backyard into an exciting, enticing, relaxing and unimaginable chill out party spot.

Here are some easy steps that would help you achieve your plan.


  • Keep The Cooler Stocked.

Stock a variety of colorful drinks, both alcoholic and non-drinkers for your party guests to enjoy the moment. And a little DIY dopeness by painting a planter box and lining the bottom and sides with heavy duty plastic lining for a stylish, waterproof drinking station. A large metal bucket also makes a good drink cooler.

  • Show Some Respect For The Classic

Beer Pong was once the king of party games. There’s no point trying to deny it because it’s a fact. And if you wanted your backyard to own the party scene, you need to get yourself a Beer Pong table. After all, a good Beer Pong table will eventually be used for an intense game of flip cup too.

  • Portable Food Is Party Food.

Obviously, you need to feed your party guests so they won’t get grumpy. You don’t want anything too heavy or messy, but you need something more than just chips and dip. The ideal party food is light, flavorful and one that can be carried around and eaten as your guests interact.

  • Blur The Lines Between Indoors And Outdoors.

Amplify the indoor or outdoor aesthetic with simple outdoor lighting setup. This consists of terra-cotta pots, a little concrete, and wooden posts and twinkle lighting. Then turn your light anchor into a handsome planter by painting the terra-cotta pots and placing a variety of succulents in them.


  • A daytime party paradise would be meaningless if you couldn’t keep the fun going after sundown. For nighttime festivities, use a combination of electric light from light strings and natural light from candles placed on surfaces around the yard. For candles, you can place tea lights in one – pint mason jars along with decorative rocks, citrus peels with different types of herbs.
  • Install lights along the dark walkways to brighten the area and curb away tripping hazards. Solar and battery operated lights are convenient because they do not require wiring.
  • Your backyard party zone requires a great ambiance. All you need is a little ambient lighting. If you’re outside while it’s getting dark your eyes can adjust to it. Hang the strings of lights on the deck, fence, or even on tree branches and add some hurricane lanterns or tea lights. Globe string lights with elegant round bulbs that give off a warm glow.
  • Inspect your deck for any indication of decaying wood, loose railings or stained boards before your guests set their feet on it. Once it’s safe, give the deck a makeover by cleaning and restoring it.
  • If you haven’t used your grill for quite some time, do a check up.
  • Create a workspace for platters, cooking tools, and a grilling counter. You can use your multitasking skills by being with your guests while preparing the food with minimal time.
  • Create your own bar in order to serve drinks with spunk. It should have a stable surface to avoid spills and designate a bottle opener area for all the beverage needs.

Utilizing your backyard space into a flexible party and events’ reception for family and friends can save you from spending when partying at a bar. It’s also a more appreciative way of sharing happiness with people around you, especially during special occasions. The tent rentals Northern VA can address your concerns if in case you need a tent for your outdoor party.



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