Types of Assaults And Their Charges

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Assault is the intent of harming a person or attempting to harm a person through the use of words, force, weaponry or submission. There are different types of assaults and if you happen to be a victim of any, you can contact your local police station or hire an assault defense lawyer or criminal defense lawyer to help you in keeping yourself safe. The charges usually include time in prison or to specific rehabs or in some cases life sentence in jail depending upon the capacity of crime. Following are the types of assault explained:


  1. Felonius Assault

A felonious assault is when a victim is subjected to attempted harm by the use of weapons or force. It could result in injuries however if injuries aren’t acquired, it can still be termed as a felonious assault. The person embedding it are usually drunk or have some purpose or in some cases just do so. They sometimes injure their victim or just attempt on injuring their victim so that others in the vicinity will listen to them.


According to criminal defense attorneys, such assaults should be followed by a small period in lock up. It depends upon the harm enabled upon the victim however spending time in prison is imperative.

  1. Aggravated Assault

Aggravated assaults are the types in which severe bodily harm is inflicted upon the victim resulting in severe injuries, deformation, or in some cases near death experience or death in general. This can be done by the use of weapons or fists and hands or feet. The victim usually suffers from prolong trauma after experiencing such assault.


Charges for these according to criminal defense attorney, is serving time in prison along with restraining orders and security for the time until danger is eradicated completely.

  1. Simple Assault

In this the victim suffers minor harms and is not subjected to weapons by their attacker.


Charges for such assaults according to assault defense lawyer are simple warnings and keeping a regular check so that if it goes out of hand then proper punishment can be carried on.

  1. Sexual Assault

An assault which enables the victim to engage in sexual activities without his/her consent. This usually constitutes of rape along with severe bodily harm. Such assaults are usually common and the victim remains disturbed for quite a long time.


Charges for such assault result in jail and protection as well as restraining orders. Also a therapist or counsellor is suggested to the victim provided she/he including their assault defense lawyer are okay with it.

  1. Verbal Assault

This is inflicting psychological harm to a person through harsh words causing oral assault without getting physical. The victim is emotionally and mentally traumatized by the words and needs professional help to get through with the phase.


According to criminal defense attorneys and assault defense lawyers, charges for such assault should depend upon the condition of the victim. However, some time in prison and restraining orders are enough for such situations. The victim is given a choice of meeting a therapist for her/his betterment.


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