Top things that can ruin a wedding day for the bride

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Weddings are like a roller coaster ride of emotions. From the initial planning to the final execution there is a lot to cover for the event of a lifetime. Especially when you’re planning a wedding party, there are so many things to handle that range from the dress fitters to the wedding party rentals. Between all these difficult tasks you can always expect momentarily hiccups.

So be prepared to tackle any situation. On this big day, don’t let anything or anyone ruing the day for the bride’s once in a lifetime event.

Top things that may ruin a wedding day for the bride

In this article we’ve gathered the top things that ruin the wedding day for the bride.


One of the most important things to keep an eye on for finalizing the dates of the wedding is the weather. A bright clear day is the key for a perfect event especially in the case of outdoor weddings since all the party decoration is directly dependent on the clear sky. So, before finalizing any date be sure to check the weather for that date.

Naturally, brides are more sensitive towards the environment and decorations of the entire wedding event in comparison to the groom. So, it is a clear and major stress for the bride to not have the weather in her favor resulting in ruining the mood of the bride on her special day.

Damaged dress

Dress might not play as much an important role for the groom as much it does for the bride. For the bride her dress is the highlight of the entire wedding event. It is necessary that it should be the ‘perfect’ one. In case of any minor or major damage or un-fit to the dress the day might turn from bride’s favorite day to her worst day.

The dress being the highlight of the event for the bride should always be in perfect fitting and neat to look at. Even small particles of dust will be visible in the wedding pictures (something that you would not want). So, whether you are bride’s friend or her bride’s maid you need to oversee the dress protection and perfection. Make sure that it is always in the best condition!

The drunken toast

Sometimes in between the excitement of the wedding, the toast might turn into roast. Being a close friend of the bride, you might bring in stuff from her past that she hasn’t shared with her family or other friends present there. This can come as a surprise to the family and a total turning point for the bride. So be sure to write a toast that suits the mood of the bride, in order to keep her happy.

Keep the toast and everything related to it in a light note and make sure that you are not offending anyone. Especially, the bride and the groom. In a private party, you might get a chance for a roast toast but in the actual wedding party, it is better to stay politically correct.

Ending note

All in all, the once in a lifetime event should go smooth for the bride and she should feel that it is indeed her big day. Being a friend, taking responsibility of things would be your moral duty. In this regard, you must keep a check on all the wedding arrangements. This may also include arranging the most affordable wedding tent rentals MD for the party. At the same time, also make sure that the bride is not feeling nervous and is enjoying herself throughout the event.



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