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Everything explained about modern hair transplant techniques

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Are you a person bothered about bald head or thinning of hair? Then I can confidently tell you that there is no reason for worry. The modern medical science has developed new procedures for surgically creating natural hair in bald heads. If you are not able to believe me, please read this article carefully and understand how easily hair transplant near me can change the appearance and get a younger look.

The hair transplant surgery was started originally in the United States in the 1950s and is now done in almost all countries across the world. This is a very easy and painless procedure usually done in doctor’s office. There are two main types of hair transplantation techniques. In this article I am going to explain follicular unit extraction hair transplant method.

In this surgical procedure hair follicles are removed in follicular unites from the back portion of your head or some other part where hair grows thick. This is usually done in two ways known as strip harvesting and unit extraction.  In strip harvest hair transplant, strips of good hair with skin are removed from the back side of the scalp. After separating follicular units of hair from this strip, they are planted in the recipient area. In follicular unit extraction hair follicles are removed with their roots and are then planted in the recipient area.

These days most surgeons who are doing hair transplant, go for strip harvesting. It leaves a thin scar at the donor site which will be covered by the growing hair within two weeks. The procedure is explained step by step.

  1. Donor area is trimmed: As a first step the donor area is trimmed
  2. Local anesthesia is given: After trimming the donor area, local anesthesia is given.
  3. Tissue in donor area is removed and the area is sutured: The hair for hair transplant in the donor are is removed from the donor area and the area is sutured.
  4. Hair over donor area is combed: The hair in the donor area is combed in such a way that the scar is invisible. These sutures are removed after 10 days.
  5. Donor tissues are separated into follicular units: The surgical technician helping in the hair transplant  separates follicular units of hair for the purpose of hair transplant.
  6. Recipient area prepared: The recipient area is prepared for transplanting the separated follicular units of hair.
  7. Incisions are made in the bald area: The surgical technician makes small incisions that can accommodate the follicular hair separated.
  8. Grafts are placed: The grafts prepared are now placed at appropriate places in the required density. One or two implants are placed in the hair line and 3 or 4 implants are placed behind.
  9. After surgery: Tiny incisions with hair will be visible on the implanted area.
  10. After one week: the incision marks and the redness in the recipient area vanish within a week.

Must know facts

  1. The transplant hair sheds after two weeks and thereafter sprouts naturally and continues as natural hair for the remaining life time of the patient.
  2. This is a painless process and the patient can go home on the same day.

The result of hair transplant surgery is very much dependent on the quality of the natural hair of the patient.


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