Some important maintenance tips for commercial refrigerators

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In case you are a technology based business-owners are well aware of all the preventive measures that you need to take to ensure maximum efficiency of your computers, and air-conditioners. The same should apply to business owners who own commercial kitchens, such as a restaurant or a catering service. It is extremely important to maintain the commercial refrigeration equipment properly, because refrigerators are susceptible to damage. If a lot of damage occurs, refrigerator repair is the only solution left (which can be expensive in the case of commercial refrigerators).

So, it is better to ensure that the time of repair never comes. This can be done by ensuring proper maintenance of the equipment, so that it runs at full efficiency at all times. This will also prevent any possible wear and tear in the machine’s internal components.

How to maintain commercial refrigerators?

In this article, we put together a number of tips that you can use to take care of your commercial refrigerators. These include:

Prevent emergency breakdowns

In case you own a commercial kitchen, the thought of your walk-in refrigerator breaking down will cause you to panic. After all, it can result in a loss of several thousand dollars in a single day (especially if you are trying to manage large orders in your commercial kitchens).

Through proper maintenance, you will be able to fix and spot any possible issues just in time. So before you lose an entire shipment of meat and ice-cream, your commercial refrigerator will be up again!

In this regard, it is very important to replace the worn out parts before they cause more damage to the entire system. At the same time, make sure that you are checking all the electrical connections, in order to prevent the loss of power (which can reduce efficiency).

Avoid storing contaminated ice and mould

Smelly ice can easily drive all your customers away. Furthermore, it can also make some people sick. Those machines that are neglected on a daily basis carry viruses and bacteria that include E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. These viruses come through mould and dirt that accumulates inside the ice maker. This can happen even when the refrigerator is working on an automatic cycle of cleaning. So make sure that a refrigerator expert is coming in at least two times a year depending on the usage. If you have a high usage, get an inspection after every three months.

Reduce the energy bills

You can save more than 5 to 10 percent of the energy costs by proper maintenance of refrigerators. When your commercial refrigerator runs at its maximum efficiency, the electricity cost is lower. However, when it tries to work harder than it is supposed to (due to reduced efficiency), the electricity costs will naturally through the roof. This usually happens when the freezers and coolers are not working properly, and when the coils are not cleaned. At the same time, worn out hinges, door handles, bad seals, and bad gaskets can cause leakage of cool air from the refrigerator. This means that the unit then runs for a longer time and uses up far more electricity than it is supposed to. This causes a rise in your electricity bills.

Ending note

Make sure that you are getting thorough inspection of your refrigerator unit, at least once every three months. In this regard, you may set up a contract with a commercial appliance repair Alexandria company. Just ask them to send a refrigerator inspector 4 times in a year, and once every three months. This way, all your worries related with the proper working of your commercial refrigerator will go away!



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