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Are Leggings Acceptable as Pants during Pregnancy?

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With all the talk in the great debate as to whether leggings are acceptable as pants, being pregnant adds even more curves to the mix for your consideration.Here are some tips to help you decide which maternity leggings can be considered to be stand-alone pants, and which are supposed to be worn more like tights as an accompaniment to longer tops or shorter dresses.

1) The most important thing to determine is how thick the fabric is. Not how thick it looks when on the hanger or folded up in your dresser. Rather how thick it is when it is stretched over your individual and unique curves. If you can see through the fabric, even just a little bit, then these leggings are not stand-alone pants.

2) The second important thing to look at is whether the front and back seams are secure and cover your most private areas with additional layers of fabric to ensure a smooth finish rather than revealing too much personal information. No one likes to know everything when seeing you in line at the grocery store. If you have lumps and bumps it is best to choose a longer top or short dress with these leggings.

3) Comfort is your first priority, but be sure the materials are breathable when non-breathable fabrics are worn, sometimes sweat will accumulate which is not something most women want to show off to the world. These leggings should not be worn as pants.

Maternity leggings can be really comfortable and are very easy choices for daily wear needs. Leggings in general are considered casual wear and should only be worn that way. Leggings should only be worn as stand alone pants when they are specifically designed from thick high quality fabrics and are specifically designed for such use. Be sure to look at yourself from all angles before choosing to wear leggings out on their own. The best styling for leggings is simply to add a short skirt,tunic, short dress, or a longer swinging or asymmetrical style top for fashion forward comfort that keeps all of the essential areas sufficiently unrevealed.

The leggings as pants debate is sure to rage on, with some claiming it is completely acceptable to wear leggings as pants, and will choose to do so, this advice is for those who are not excited about their expanding curves being overly readable, and who want to look stylish and beautiful in their maternity clothing.Taking a conservative approach to the argument ensures you don’t bring negative attention to your body while also ensuring you have the most comfortable experience possible.

Worn correctly maternity leggings are an essential piece of your wardrobe and are likely to become one of your favorite go-to pieces. Choose basic colors for the most versatility and vivid or wild colors for those days when you simply want to make a statement. Leggings come in many solids and patterned fabrics so they are an inexpensive way to create a very interesting wardrobe.


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