Why education is better than money?

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Many people believe that good education is more helpful in leading a happy life than having lot of money in one’s bank accounts. Some rich people who do not have much education think this as absurd as they are already leading a decent life even without any education.  This is a tricky situation. Let us examine the benefits of education as well as money and decide their importance in everyday life.


Importance of money cannot be denied by anyone as without money one will find it difficult even to eat food to sustain his life. Not only food, every necessity in human life combined with minimum required comforts and enviable luxuries can be gained and enjoyed by anyone who has money in his hand only. So the prime intention of the life of a person is to make money and save them for meeting the various needs of his family members in the most unfavorable conditions.  Persons born in rich families with a lot of properties or investment in banks or born in the families of business magnets are lucky persons as they are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. They enjoy all the pleasures of life from the day they were born to the end of their life provided they develop necessary skills needed to continue their business. For this also education is the primary requirement.


Different types of jobs like manual labor, office jobs, technical jobs, managerial jobs, information technology jobs etc are available in this world for eligible candidates. Manual jobs are usually meant for illiterate people as well as less educated people. The wages for such jobs are meager and people who do this work always live in poverty and are unable to enjoy the pleasures of everyday life. Those who are qualified or have minimal education are usually appointed in office jobs or semi skilled jobs for which better salaries are given. Those with higher qualification get lucrative jobs like teachers, bank employees, engineers, doctors etc.  Such people enjoy good salary and have a better standard of living. They can enjoy luxuries of the present day like air conditioner, two wheeler, luxury cars, sound systems and cooking ranges in their house. Highly educated or specialized education can lead people to high income group of the present day known as information technology group.

From the above it can be seen that although education is important in life the importance of money also cannot be denied. In short one can conclude by saying that a person born in a rich family cannot live happily without education. But a person born in a poor family can improve his life conditions with the help of proper education and live happily.


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