6 Most Common Car Repair Mistakes

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Cars are a gift of science, unfortunately not every one of us should be entitled to such a prestigious gift. Most people are lazy and they do not take care of a car as they should. If you simply do a search on Google “Benz mechanic shops near me”, you will get many, but it’s your job to choose the right one by asking the shop owner, customers, and your friends.

The following article will help highlight top common car repair mistakes.

  1. “Cheap” Mechanics

As the name suggests, they are “cheap”. Both professionally and in terms of money. They are not certified auto repairers. Most of them are just amateurs who want to earn bread and butter for themselves.

Since they do not have the intense training to becoming a certified auto repairer, they try to attract customers by giving obscene discounts.

A normal customer happily takes his expensive vehicle towards their garage and then initially gets happy with the discount. But afterwards, he curses their poor professionalism.

Don’t let this be your story. Always use one of the good local Benz repair shops.

  1. Neglecting Tire Pressure

People often do not care much about their tires. This is ill-practice considering they are an important part of the car.

Depending from weather – weather, the tire pressure can increase or decrease drastically. At extreme conditions, a tire may burst or becomes flaccid due to pressure change.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to check your tires after every alternate day.

  1. Not Changing Engine Oil

People think meh…changing engine oil is not worthy of their busy time schedules…but the reality is, if you are not changing your engine oil after its limit (3000 miles)

You are reducing the life expectancy of your engine. It is also not uncommon that your engine may burst or commits a seizure when you are going on a long drive.

It is simple – you did not take care of engine – Engine did not take care of you.

  1. Neglecting Dirty Filters

Filters are mainly of two types i.e. air filters and fuel filters. You have to change them frequently because the piled up debris can cause internal car sensors to malfunction.

A car’s performance is increased substantially if you take it out to drive, after changing the dirty filters.

  1. Ignoring Brakes and Brake Oil

“High speed thrills but also kills”. For sports car and high speed enthusiasts, certified auto repairers recommend to have sound brakes in car.

Speaking for a consumer’s point of view, we don’t pay enough attention to brakes. This is negative attitude because if we neglect proper amount of brake oil in car, we can find ourselves in serious danger.

  1. Ignoring Engine Diagnostics

Engine is the most important part of a car. It is often termed as the ‘heart’ of the car and engine diagnostic tests are like a heartbeat. They give us valuable insight about the car, its working and its performance.

If we do not go to a certified auto-repairer and instead, either manually search the meaning of code on Google or repair our car from sub-standard Benz mechanics, it is highly likely that our car will suffer. This is because the written code is vague and depends from company to company. Amateur auto repairers and Google simply cannot help with the intricate complexity of code. Get the help of one of the good local Benz repair shops.


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