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What To Do With Unplanned Pregnancy and How To Make Decisions

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Unplanned pregnancies have become a common phenomenon experienced by many women in the country. Still, being pregnant without planning could be a stressful experience when a woman doesn’t know what to do with it. If you’re currently experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, there are actually three major options you can choose from as the final decision including in office abortion to terminate the pregnancy, giving birth to the baby, and getting the born baby adopted. As each choice has its own consequences, you should take your own responsibility for it.

Giving Birth and Raising The Baby

You can definitely give birth to the baby as long as you’re healthy and maintain your pregnancy well. Visiting the gynecologist regularly, taking prescribed supplements & vitamins, maintaining your health would ensure you to give birth safely. However, raising the baby would require more factors to consider including your current situation, environment, status, and your vision about the future.

Terminating The Pregnancy

Another option for an unplanned pregnancy is to abort it once for all. Abortion can be done by having a medical procedure or medication that would completely end the pregnancy. However, not all pregnancy age and health conditions suit all abortion solutions. You’d need to consult with a gynecologist about whether it would endanger your life or drive side effects.

Giving Birth and Getting The Baby Adopted

If you don’t want or aren’t sure to raise a kid but still want to give birth to the baby, this third option could be your answer. You’d need to maintain a healthy pregnancy just like the first option. Once the baby is born, you can place him/her in another family permanently. There would be limited chances for you to see your baby again but he/she would be in the right hands.

How and When To Decide

Deciding what to do with an unplanned pregnancy may involve multiple factors that could be different for each person. These include your family situation, jobs, education, beliefs, future goals, financial conditions, and many more. If you decide to raise the kid, you’d likely need to consider more factors than if you decide to abort the pregnancy or get the baby adopted. Again, the conditions would vary for each person. For example, having a supportive family and good financial conditions could be leverage if you decide to give birth and raise the baby. However, the decision is completely in your hand as many other women with strong determination have successfully raised their kids despite privileges they don’t have. If you’re not ready to raise the baby, abortion could be the choice you should make.

Since the factors also include other people, it’s great if you can talk with them, especially trusted family members, friends, counselors, doctors, or your religious advisor. You can also use the service of a reputable family center to help you with the decision. If you decide to abort the pregnancy you’d have to find a reputable in clinic abortion service with experienced gynecologists. On the other hand, you’d need to decide on the abortion before 12 weeks of pregnancy or it would be riskier and more difficult to find a gynecologist who will do the procedure.


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