Different organic histamines for allergy relief

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Being an allergy patient may help you get out of responsibilities at times but it can be a real pain when it comes to its demonic symptoms. The burning of eyes and your throat feeling like it’s on fire and a nose that can’t stop running can be miserable. To reduce the pain there are many over the counter antihistamines available. However, if you plan to go for a rather organic treatment then luckily this article is dedicated to some of the organic antihistamines that are available at your disposal. It is highly recommended that you consult an Allergy Doctor before you use these.

5 Organic medicines to relieve allergies

You might even find these in your refrigerators or pantry.

What are Histamines?

During an allergic reaction, your body releases a protein called histamine. This protein causes havoc in your immune system resulting in cold-like symptoms. The body acts as if it is exposed to external harmful substances and prepare to fight it. An antihistamine is designed to stop this reaction from taking place.

 Vitamin C

It acts as a natural antihistamine by ensuring prevention against histamine from being released into the bloodstream. Vitamin C is pretty easy to find and is extremely safe too. Citrus fruits in your fridge such as oranges are a common source of vitamin C. These sources also include bell peppers, strawberries, kale etc. You can either add vitamin c in your diet by eating supplements or eating foods that contain it. It is recommended that about 65 mg should be eaten every day. Consumption of vitamin C in excess can result in other diseases like diarrhoea.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is a herb that can be brewed as a tea and has many health benefits. According to an experiment where frozen dried nettles were kept under observation to understand its effects on allergic reactions. The research results showed around 58% of the patients who used about 300 g per day had a decrease in their allergy symptoms. The herb is easily available at health food stores and on the internet. Supplements for the herb are also available.


Commonly found in pineapples and papayas has shown some impressive results in relieving inflammation caused by an allergic reaction. It helps in controlling excessive coughing and decrease mucous production to a great extent. For a much organic intake of antihistamine resorting to papaya and pineapple is essential however supplements are also available in the market. Recommended dosage per day is 400-500 mg thrice a day.


Unrefined salt has a range of benefits. The most effective of them all is the natural antihistamine it consists of. It can calm down the respiratory inflammation, congestion and production of mucus. To cure allergy symptoms a small pinch of unrefined sea salt may be enough to soothe the symptoms. Place it on the tip of your tongue and let it dissolve into your mouth.


Red wine, apples, kale and blueberries all are some of the common sources of quercetin. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant that behaves like an organic antihistamine. Like other antihistamines, it also prevents histamine from being released into the bloodstream. It helps overcome respiratory issues caused by the allergic reaction. You can find supplements for the anti-oxidant however you should prefer the organic sources mentioned above.


This post is not professional medical advice and therefore you should check with your Allergy specialist Manassas Germantown before incorporating any of the antihistamine sources into your diet plan. Reduce your allergy symptoms with our list of organic sources and let us know how it worked out for you!






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