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Should you choose an evaporative cooling or split system?

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When you are ready to install an ductless air conditioner in your home, you want to make sure you get the right one for you and your family. There are two main types of air conditioners for you to consider evaporative cooling or split system. When making the determination of which one is right for you, consider the size of your home, cooling capacity of the unit, the climate, and the installation, running, and maintenance costs. Some systems work better in different situations, so you always want to keep in mind the differences.

Is Split System for you?

A split system is made up of two components that split apart from each other, meaning there are indoor units and outdoor units. These systems have an electric refrigeration unit that controls the temperature in various areas. Included is an outdoor condensing unit that has an air compressor, and an indoor fan coil unit that recycles the air. These systems have both heating and cooling options.

The compressor is outside of your home. This unit can maintain an even temperature, and have the indoor unit work efficiently. But keep in mind these units do not work efficiently if you leave any windows or doors open. The indoor unit is typically wall mounted. A ducted split system is great if you want to cool multiple parts of your home, and not just one room.

Is Evaporative Cooling good for your home?

These systems work great in a dry environment. The evaporative cooling system runs water over a special filter pad and draws in volumes of air through the wet pads. Some of this water evaporates, cooling the air. This is a cost effective and also environment friendly way to cool your entire home. Evaporative cooling is a ducted system that operates on air change, reducing the temperature. Amazingly, the hotter it is outside, the cooler it will be inside.

Keep in mind, this is only an air conditioning system, and does not have the capability of heating. These also work great with the doors and windows wide open. These systems do have more maintenance during the winter months to keep the cold out of your home, but most have automatic springs to prevent the heat from leaving your home through the duct system.

How to Decide?

Both systems have great benefits. You should keep in mind the factors mentioned above when choosing. For example, humidity can be the biggest factor when choosing between the two systems. If you live in a high humidity area, then evaporative cooling is not for you. The water cannot evaporate and cool the air in your home if there is already too much water in the air. Yet, if you live in a very dry climate, evaporative cooling may be the best choice for you as it is energy efficient and cost effective.

The costs of running and maintaining the units are also large factors to consider. Generally, the evaporative cooling system will cost you less per hour than the split system, as it takes less energy to run. But if you want a system that does it all, then the split is right for you. There are many systems that have high energy star ratings that are less expensive than others. So if you are leaning towards split system, make sure you get one with a high energy efficiency rating, or you will be paying a lot in monthly bills.


Consulting an expert to install an air conditioner is the best way to go. They can answer questions on each of these types of units and help you make a decision.

  1. Generally, the split system will work in any climate, can be affordable by adding additional units, and repair costs are lower. Keep in mind running the split systems cost more; the compressor unit is located outside your home and is most effective where the head of the air conditioner is located.
  1. The evaporative cooling system can cost less to install, is generally cost effective, allows you to vent heat as it brings in the cool air, and supplies constant cool flowing air. Keep in mind the evaporative cooling systems increase the humidity of your home, are less effective when humid outside, require slightly more maintenance, and depend on water restrictions in your area.


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