Why Do Car Tints Darken Over Time

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Window tints are super helpful. Car window tinting not only transforms the look of your vehicle but also offers privacy and security from prying eyes. It is quite often that vehicle owners observe the tints turning dark. So, let’s take a look into if that is actually the case along with some factors that affect the films. Let’s begin!

How Do Car Tints Darken Over Time?

Window tints turning dark is a normal phenomenon but does not happen with every vehicle out there. In most cases, the reason tends to be the adhesive holding the tint film that causes a shift in the shade. If you have recently installed new tints, you will observe them going a bit dark.

This is part of the curing process. You might think that curing is the same as drying but there is a difference. The drying process refers to the evaporation of the solvent or liquid, whereas, curing refers to the process where chemical reactions take place to transform the liquid into solid.

That said, if you walk up to your vehicle the next day after the tint’s installation and observe that they have suddenly gone darker, it means the curing process has taken place. It is the adhesive that is shifting the shade, whereas, the shade of the tint itself remains consistent.

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that the tint will darken irrespective of the type you have chosen. Most tint types need an adhesive layer. Therefore, the dried adhesive will affect the opacity of these tint types.

Once the curing process is complete, you shall notice that the shade of tints will return to normal and might become a bit light as well. Another factor you need to keep in mind is that the curing process will also vary based on external factors such as weather, humidity, moisture, etc.

The lower the temperature, the more time it will take for the tints to cure properly.

Variables In Tint Curing Process

If you are wondering how long it will take for the tints to cure, there is no universal answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, it depends on a lot of factors and you still won’t be able to come up with the exact answer. However, you can keep 2-3 days in mind.

Climate & Season

When it comes to installing tints, you might have come across people suggesting that you should get the job done in the summer season. The reason is that heat and sunshine help speed up the curing process. If the tints are applied in the cold and rainy seasons, there is a high chance that the tint will neither stick properly nor cure.

Plus, if you opt for the summer season, you will need to keep moisture and humidity in mind as well. It might be that you won’t be able to roll down the windows for a few days until the tint is cured.

Drying Technique

Some users employ air to speed up the drying process. They do not expose the tints to the sun in order to extend the longevity until they are completely ready. Although this approach might work for some, exposing the tints to both air and the sun will speed up the curing process.

Brand And Quality

A major factor that impacts the lifespan of window tints is the brand and quality. Certified installers thoroughly clean the windows and use specialized tools to ensure the tints stick properly to the windows. At the same time, the adhesive used should be appropriate as well, otherwise, it won’t last long.

Even though companies might utilize different techniques, the basic steps remain the same. The factor here is that the adhesive should be applied the right way and the film should be of good quality as well. Otherwise, opting for cheap quality tints and expensive adhesives will simply be a waste of your money.

Final Word

In the end, window tints do slightly darken but only if you observe them closely. This is a good sign that your tints have cured and you can rest assured that your tints won’t fade and will last several years before needing replacement. Get tints installed from repute window tint shops Springfield so the tints don’t become too dark over time.


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