How Do I Keep My Hair From Curling After I Straighten It

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If you don’t have naturally sleek and straight hair, then you might be familiar with the struggle of straightening your hair on a regular basis with a straightener or by going to a hair straightening salon. Here are some ways by which you can preserve your straight hair and avoid those pesky curls from peeking through.

Use A Conditioner

This might come as a surprise, but a good conditioner will help to eliminate frizz and those unwanted curls from sticking up too much and ruining your perfect and sleek hair look. Try to look for a conditioner that has damage restoring properties and which will condition and moisturize your hair from the inside out.

Adding a conditioner to your regular hair care routine will make a huge difference in your hair texture.

Preserve Moisture With Serums

Sometimes, you need something a little bit more potent and rich for your damaged and dry hair. This is where serums come in. Serums are concentrated oils that are going to quench the thirst of your frizzy hair. Serums can be applied before or after washing your hair and they work better if you leave them in for as long as possible.

Serums are made with rich oils and highly moisturizing ingredients which are going to make your hair feel so soft and smooth and the frizz will disappear like it never existed.

Use Deep Conditioning Products

Products which have deep conditioning properties or leave-in conditioner in them are great for maintaining your straight hair. There are lots of hair creams and styling sprays that have conditioning properties in them. These products mostly have a lot of protein-rich ingredients like keratin in them, and this is what makes your hair smooth, soft, and curl-free.

Using these products will show you how your hair will look and feel if it is conditioned the way it should be and you will be left with super soft and straight hair which will be free from frizz and curls.

Avoid Letting Your Hair Down A Lot

There are going to be a lot of times when you might be tempted to let your hair, but it’s not a good idea if you’re trying to avoid getting it into a curly and frizzy mess. As much as you might not like this fact, air can actually make your hair frizzy.

Air will produce a lot of friction in your hair as it goes through the strands and your hair will soon turn into a frizzy mess and the whole straight hair look will be ruined. So, if you see that it’s a windy day outside, you might want to secure your hair first.

Air Dry Your Hair

A lot of people will blast their hair with heat as soon as they get out of the shower. Blow drying dripping wet hair will only make things worse for you. You want to wait, at least, an hour before you can even let your hair close to any type of heating tool.

It’s better to let your hair dry naturally, but if you must use a heating tool because you’re running late, then at least wait some time before you start to blow dry your hair. You don’t want your hair to be sopping wet from the shower.

Use A Wooden Brush

Another great tip to avoid frizz and friction in your hair is to avoid using plastic combs and brushes. It’s better to switch to a wooden or insulated material for brushing your hair. Plastic hair combs and brushes can produce a lot of static and this static can lead to frizzy and curly hair.

Wood is a neutral material that doesn’t produce any electricity when rubbed against the hair, so it’s a great thing to use if you want to prevent frizz and preserve the straightness of the hair.


The last thing you want is to spend a long time straightening your hair, only for it to get frizzy and curly after some time. These tips are going to prevent just that, so you can sport the straight hair look for longer. To prevent this problem, try permanent hair straightening by visiting a Brazilian keratin salon Rockville.


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