What Is Cough Variant Asthma (CVA)

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Asthma is a very common breathing problem which occurs in a lot of people. It messes up your breathing and it makes you wheeze a lot, it makes you allergic to dust and other triggers which can worsen your breathing and attention of an allergy specialist. Here is everything you need to know about Cough variant asthma.

Cough Variant Asthma

Cough variant asthma, as the name suggests, is a type of asthmatic attack in which there is a violent fit of coughing. Your throat feels extremely dry and the coughing is almost unbearable and relentless. You feel like you will never stop coughing at this rate.

The coughing is a dry wheeze and there is no wetness or mucus coming out. Along with coughing, you might also feel shortness of breath and wheezing, which are normal and common symptoms of asthma.

Most people don’t bother getting themselves checked in this scenario, because they think it is just a coughing fit and it will go away with time, but sadly, it doesn’t and it can aggravate even more as time goes on. You need to get yourself checked by a doctor if you feel like the coughing is becoming too much for you to handle. The doctor will immediately get you on a treatment plan and you will be thankful for the prompt action of getting yourself a doctor’s appointment.

Try not to take this situation lightly, because at any time, the condition can worsen and it can turn detrimental very soon.

Causes Of Cough Variant Asthma

Just like normal asthma, the cause of cough variant asthma is not known particularly. Usually, it can be hereditary, or it can start on a whim.

There is no particular cause of cough variant asthma, except for one. If you are someone who is consuming beta blockers on a daily basis, then you might be more at risk to develop cough variant asthma than other people who don’t.

Beta blockers tend to promote coughing fits and it can also cause shortness of breath and a whistling sound when breathing. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or heart diseases and you take beta blockers, then you have to brace yourself for a cough variant asthma attack.

Symptoms Of Cough Variant Asthma

Now that you know what cough variant asthma is, here are some very common symptoms that shouldn’t be left unnoticed.

  • You will experience a lot of coughing. Mostly, it will be dry coughing and once it starts, it’s very hard to stop.
  • Your throat will feel very achy and it might be because of the coughing you are in, but it is also due to the added effects of asthma.
  • You will feel your chest tightening and you will feel like there is no room for you to breathe, after this sensation a coughing fit will follow suit.
  • Wheezing is also another symptom that needs to be noticed. You will feel your breathing is coming out weird and your mouth is making weird noises.
  • There will be whistling noise on your chest and it can also come out from your mouth whenever you try to exhale. This is caused by the contraction of the airways and bronchial tubes.
  • You will also feel your nose getting stuffy and you will find it hard to breathe through your nose. Which is why you will be experiencing shallow breaths.

Treatment For Cough Variant Asthma

Here are some treatments for cough variant asthma.

  • Cough variant asthma can be treated in the same way as normal asthma is treated. You will need inhalers with medication in it, like albuterol and other steroids which will help to alleviate the coughing.
  • You can also try to use cough targeted steroids which also contain anti-inflammatory drugs in your inhaler, because this will give you instant relief and results. Your breathing will become normal in no time and you will feel relaxed.

There you have it! Who would’ve known that asthma is classified into many different types? Now you know about one which is very common and you can stop symptoms from occurring by taking proper care of yourself. Go to an asthma doctor Germantown if experience the symptoms.


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