Stone Veneer Contractor: Stone Veneer VS Natural Stone

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Stone veneer is becoming popular as it offers all the color and beauty of real stone, yet at a fraction of environmental damage and cost involved. Veneer is used on office buildings and homes as a durable yet decorative exterior. It may also be used on stone structures and indoors including decorative stonewalls and fountains. In terms of comparing faux stone and natural stone veneer, it’d be wise to ask for assistance from a stone veneer contractor.

Natural Stone

It’s made from real stone. It is denser, heavier, and feels more real than stone veneer. It is cut directly from the stone or collected. Quarried stone or fieldstone is the common kinds of natural stone. Natural stone may be cut to width, thickness, and often considered a famous way in decorating in terms of using this as a building material.

Probably, some of the downfalls of natural stone are the installation cost and process, maintenance and upkeep, environmental impact and much more. Installing natural stone needs in many cases an expensive and experienced mason. Other than that, small projects could take weeks or days. You also should maintain your natural stone through clearing it in a constant manner and also ensure nothing impacts this will cause this to crack. Cracked or loose stone can be costly to repair. Therefore, cracking stone features and compromised mortar is a durability drawback. Lastly, natural stone is also tough in the environment. It doesn’t only destroys natural resources, yet dust and waste materials are left behind. For people who are concerned about the product’s eco-friendliness, faux stone veneer is a good choice.

Faux Stone Veneer

It’s a kind of decorative exterior materials used on office buildings and homes. Generally, its cut is 1-inch thickness and weighs several pounds per panel as well as does not need an extra support structure to be affixed to the wall. Nevertheless, a lot of people utilizing stone veneer will use this with a framework to enable insulation and draining to be installed.

If you are confused about the type of stone veneer you like to use for your project, there is nothing you should worry about if hired the best professionals to do the job for you. Some experts can give you options on what’s best for your needs. The only thing you should do is to tell your hired masonry contractor long island on what you want with your project.


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