Outdoor Fireplace Designers: Safety Tips When Using An Outdoor Fireplace

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When you work with outdoor fireplace designers and design an outdoor fireplace, you need to be cautious how you handle it to avoid fire accidents. To help you out, here are some of the safety tips that you should put into place:

Ensure that the unit isn’t elevated

This is integral as research shows that elevated units aren’t secure and comfortable. Elevated fireplaces are associated with poor air flow which means that they produce more smoke.

The units are also at more risk of turning over and causing injuries. For you to be on the safe side, you should install a chimnea, which is not only more secure, but also more energy efficient.

Be attentive when working with the outdoor fireplace

Many people don’t give much thought when they are in the fireplace. All they care about is the heat that they get from the fire. When you are using the outdoor fireplace, you should note that you aren’t outdoors; therefore, you should be on the lookout all the time.

You should pay close attention to how the fire is burning. If you notice it going out of hand, control it.

Locate the unit in a safe area

Where are you building the fireplace? You need to ask yourself this question as building it at the wrong place with a result to plenty of problems.

For example, if you build the unit near trees or your house, you put your property at the risk of catching fire. You should work with the contractors and build the fireplace in an area where its less likely to cause harm to you or your family.

As rule of thumb, build the unit away from trees, plants, and any other things that can catch fire.

Undertake regular fireplace inspections

Just like your car or HVAC system you need to regularly inspect your outdoor fireplace for any defects and fix it. You should inspect both the outdoor and indoor units and if they have any issues, fix them as soon as possible.

In addition to undertaking the inspections, you also need to clean the unit regularly. If your outdoor unit is small, you can clean it by yourself, but if large, hire a chimney cleaning professional or any other expert to help you out.


These are some of the tips that you should put in place for you to have peace of mind that your unit won’t put your home at risk. For you to have an easy time maintaining your unit, work with a reputable masonry contractor.


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