How To Reset Your HVAC Unit

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Do you want to reset your HVAC system? If yes, you are on the right page. HVAC systems are generally the support system of a house. It is really difficult to cope with extreme cold or heat if your HVAC system is not working well at all. Therefore, if you are having an issue with your HVAC system, you can look for air conditioning companies or check out the following steps for resetting your HVAC unit. It is quite likely that your system will start working well enough again. Let’s begin!

Check The Electric Circuit And Plugs Very Carefully

You can reset your HVAC system and you can enjoy the best heating and air conditioning experience yet again. However, before you reset your HVAC system you will have to check the electric circuit very carefully. The electric plugs should be intact and the connections should be well in place. It is so because if there is some circuit breach, you might experience a short circuit once the process of resetting is complete.

Shut Off The Electric Supply To Your HVAC System

Shut off the supply to the mains and the electric components of your HVAC system. It is one of the preliminary steps of resetting your system. This will ensure complete safety and smooth resetting. If you are unable to locate the power supply attached to the HVAC system then you can switch off the main circuit breaker of your house. The main circuit breaker is normally located in the basement or near the entrance of your house.

Look Out For The Reset Button And Reset Mode

After you have shut the supply to your system. You should look out for the rest button in your system. There are two possibilities, that is, the reset button might be positioned in your outdoor or outdoor air conditioning unit.

It is quite likely that your reset button is on your HVAC remote control, via which the thermostat settings are regulated. The reset button will reset your HVAC to default and your thermostat settings will return to normal. This, as a consequence, will surely help you out with a perfectly functioning HVAC system.

Unplug The Electric Supply If There Is No Reset Button

If you are unable to locate your HVAC system, or at least, your HVAC system doesn’t have a reset button, you can shut off the supply at all. Shutting off the main supply can help you reset your HVAC system. You are supposed to shut off the supply by unplugging your HVAC system from the mains. It can also be done by switching your circuit breaker to the off position.

Wait For Some Time, Let The HVAC System Stay Off For A While

After you have switched off your HVAC system, you should wait for a while before restoring your HVAC system. It is recommended that you wait for about 2 minutes before you restore the electric supply to your HVAC system. Sometimes, the machines need a bit of a break. Switching off the HVAC system can help you to effectively reset the system back to normal.

Restore The Supply To The HVAC System

After waiting for about 2 minutes, you should carefully restore the energy supply to the HVAC system. Just plug in the power supply or the circuit breaker. The system will restore the power and will return to normal.

Wait For The HVAC System To Return To Normal

Restoring the power supply will program the HVAC to work normally again. It will start working on the default settings. However, it may take a while before the outdoor compressor starts working. After a while, the reset will make the outdoor and indoor units work efficiently. An HVAC reset can solve minor problems.

Call In The Services Of A Professional

If resetting hasn’t restored your HVAC to the normal condition, then it is recommended to call in HVAC contractors Fairfax. This is the last resort you can avail of. However, it is quite probable that following the above-mentioned steps will surely help you reset your HVAC system and will enable you to have a working HVAC system again. Resetting the HVAC system surely helps in getting the air conditioning back to normal.


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