Is It Ok To Straighten Hair Every Day

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Straight hair has been the dream of every woman and girl for centuries. It is assumed that straight hair makes you look more young, beautiful, and pretty. To attain straight hair, women have tried almost every hack that is available. Many women go to hair straightening salons for chemicals treatments, but using a straightener is the most used method of straightening.

But can you straighten hair every single day to get the straight hair look?

The answer to this question is obviously not. Why? Because a straightener uses high heat to straighten the hair which is truly damaging for the hair.

What Happens When You Straighten Your Hair Every Day?

Your hair is made up of proteins and is extremely vulnerable and fragile. Daily usage of high heat with your hair sandwiched in between the heat will cause them to become weak, dry, damaged, and brittle. Your hair shaft is weak and is prone to damage and breakage. Excessive use of heat may cause the hair shaft to become weak and your hair will break easily.

Damaged hair looks dull, unruly, frizzy, and gives a flyaway and hay-like appearance. They will feel dry and pointy in your hands. Your hair will lose its health, shine, and luster and get more breakage and split ends.

How Long Does Hair Straightening Last?

Generally, your hair straightening will last 2 to 3 days or till you take a shower. As soon as you wet them, they will return to their original curly state. Hair straightening works in such a way that the heated plating breaks the hydrogen bonds in your hair and remakes them to straighten them. The formation is weak thus they get curly again when they get wet.

Can You Straighten Wet Hair?

No, you should not use your hair iron on wet hair unless you have a wet to dry flat iron. When you straighten wet hair, you will hear sizzling sounds as if your hair is burning. The high heat causes the water in your wet hair to evaporate leading to bursts of bubbles that look like small blisters under the microscope. These are extremely distressing and damaging for your hair and lead to dry and burnt hair and split ends.

Your hair will become extremely frizzy and you will again want to straighten your hair to make it look good which leads to further damage, thus this cycle continues causing more and more damage to your hair. So you should never straighten wet hair. Wait till your hair is completely dry and then straighten them.

Can You Prevent Damage To Your Hair While Straightening?

You cannot completely stop or prevent the damage which will be caused by frequent hair straightening but you can somehow minimize hair damage. Use a deep conditioning treatment or mask which will nourish your hair and give it health and vitality. After that use straightening serum or a straightening spray on your hair which will prevent the curl from forming. Also using a heat protectant spray or serum will protect your hair from the high heat and give it luster and shine and your hair will look healthy. With these steps, there will be less damage. But remember, even these steps will not be able to save your hair if you straighten it daily.

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Straightening Daily?

Your hair becomes dull, lacks luster and shine, become lifeless, gets a straw-like appearance, you get split ends, your hair is prone to easy breakage, you get hair fall and the worst side effect is that frequent heat usage damages the hair follicles which can cause permanent hair loss as well.

When Should You Flat-Iron Your Hair?

Generally, you should only use flat-iron on occasions and if you tend to go out a lot then do it twice a month or once a week by taking proper precautions. Always iron on freshly washed and clean, dry hair. Never straighten unwashed hair as it will cause dirt and oil to burn and damage your hair.

Your hair is your asset and healthy and shiny hair looks beautiful whether it is curly, wavy, or naturally straight but using heat will only damage your hair. If you want to straighten your hair, look into permanent hair straightening or go to a Brazilian keratin salon Potomac.


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