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If you are new to the world of rug shopping, you may feel overwhelmed due to the sheer number of options out there. Of course, we know that rugs can be pretty expensive. So, ultimately, it comes down to three considerations that include the style placement, and budget of the rug. Apart from this, when you are buying Persian antique rugs, or just any rug for your living, you should also focus on maintenance and cleanliness aspects. How difficult is it to clean this rug? Will this rug long last as other options? These are the other questions that you must ask yourself.

Moving forward, before you start considering the size of the rug that you should buy, it is very important to consider the types of rugs available. There is a big variety of rugs that is available out there. For instance, you can buy anything from synthetic to natural fibers and enjoy the pros and cons of every type.

Different types of rugs for you

In this article, we put together information regarding the different types of rugs in the market. By knowing about all of these types, it will be easier for you to make a choice. These types include:

Wool rugs

Wool is a natural fiber which is handwoven traditionally, hand-loomed, and hand knotted. Furthermore, you can also find some machine-loomed wool rugs in the market. Though, these type of rugs are made of synthetic fiber and not pure animal wool. The truth is that true wool rugs are far more expensive in comparison to synthetic fiber rugs. Furthermore, wool rugs are also often passed from one generation to the other, which makes them a great investment.

So, you should definitely consider buying a good wool rug for your living room, if you have the budget and the chance to do so.

Silk rugs

After wool rugs, silk rugs happen to be the most popular one. Silk rugs result in a wonderful and luxurious shine in your room that other fibers simply cannot mimic. Whether the rug is made of a silk blend or pure silk, a silk rug is going to be a wonderful inclusion to your room.

Incredibly delicate and difficult to clean, this type of rug is usually best for areas where there is not enough traffic.

Cotton rugs

Cotton is a playful and inexpensive material that is a budget-friendly alternative to the high cost wool and silk rugs. However, it is important to note that the color of cotton fades away within a few years. Furthermore, it also does not repel stains at all. So, your cotton rug is not going to last very long unlike Persian rugs.

At best, cotton rugs are suitable to be use in casual spaces. In case you are planning to change your rug depending on the mood or the season, then cotton rugs are a wonderful option.

Bamboo and jute

Bamboo and jute are natural materials for rugs that can result in a coastal vibe. These are cheap, and yet very effective at making a place look natural and trendy. So, by including a good quality bamboo rug in your room, you can make it look very sleek and natural.

Ending note

Now that you know about all the major types of rugs, you can look more into the different style options that you have. After that, you must visit reliable rug stores Northern VA only. Make sure that the dealer from whom you are buying is trustworthy and professional. This way, you will get authentic materials and will not be scammed. This is because there are plenty of fake rug materials in the market!


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