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Tree fungus can often become deadly if not cured or stopped in time. Fungus can create problems and you may need to find an arborist for tree care or removal. You can use the right fertilizers and tools to completely remove fungus from your tree and also stop it from coming back.

If your tree has caught fungus then you can get rid of it using the steps below.

What Is the Type of the Fungus?

You will need to identify the type of fungus that the tree has caught. You can call an expert arborist or send a sample of the tree to determine the type of fungal infection. There are many kinds of fungal infections and different types of trees can get different types of fungal infections. The symptoms will start to show when the infestation has started to spread. The symptoms include yellowing and falling of leaves, spots on the leaves and also damage and greening of the bark and branches. The surrounding area of the tree becomes sunken due to less nutrients. The bark and trunk also get blackened due to fungus. After the determination of the fungus you can start with the treatment.

The Right Fungicide

Next you will need the specialized type of fungicide for the specific fungus. You will need to read the label on the fungicide on how and when to apply the fungicide on the tree. Generally, an application every 7 days will cure the fungus. Make sure to use the fungicide as mentioned in the instructions as some fungicides are applied on the leaves while some on the branches and some on the tree.

Debris Removal

The next step of tree care is removing debris that has fallen around the tree. It is better to burn and destroy all the debris in a place where the other trees will not be infested and get the disease. Remove all the tree debris away from the healthy trees and yard.


Once you have removed all the debris, you will need to start with the pruning process. You will need to sterilize and wash all the pruning tools so the fungus does not spread to the healthier trees and branches. You can clean them by putting them into fungicide or hot water with soap. Prune all the dead branches and the leaves. You will need to apply the fungicide again after pruning.

Always remove the dead branches and cut the fungus infested branches and leaves in the dry season or early winters. In the dry season the tree is generally shedding its leaves and preparing for the summer and spring season. So, it is easier to clear and cut all the dead leaves and branches. In the spring season the tree is in its growth stage and growing new branches and leaves.

The Tree Will Take Time to Get Cured Completely

You will need to keep applying fungicide and watering the trees till the fungus is completely finished. Once the infection is cured fertilize and water the tree properly. This should be done in the spring season as the tree is in a growing stage then. The healthier the tree the less prone it is to get fungal infections.

How To Prevent Tree Fungus?

Feed your tree well. Determine the type of fertilizer that works best for your tree. There are many types of fertilizers available in the market. Ask any arborist for the best fertilizer for your breed of tree. Well-nourished trees are less susceptible to disease and infections. Feed your tree according to schedule and need.

Make sure the tree that you plant or which has been already planted is in a well hydrated place. In the draught and dry season water the trees more frequently to avoid any sort of infection and to keep the tree hydrated and well nourished.

Remove all the dead leaves, twigs and branches immediately as they are breeding grounds for fungus. Always prune your trees in the fall and spray with fungicide immediately to avoid any infection in the pruned stubs. Pruning in the fall will give the tree time to heal and then get healthy for the spring season. It is recommended to hire tree services Montgomery County for tree care and pruning.


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