Sleep Disorder: It Could Be More Than Just Being A Night Owl

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Due to the high demand of the world today in order to keep up, you have to sacrifice a lot of aspects in your life most especially – TIME. You cut down your time for friends, family, your active lifestyle, your passion and you deprive yourself of a good quality sleep. At first, you might think that you’re just getting used to being a late night sleeper because of the pile of work and tasks you have on your shoulders. But, hey, don’t you find it a bit unusual and alarming that you’re finding it ‘very’ hard to sleep? You might already have a sleep disorder, but to be more certain make an appointment with the sleep study centers nearest you to be treated appropriately. Do it now because not getting the right amount of sleep that your body needs can be life-threatening.

Understanding A Sleep Disorder

A sleep disorder is basically the difficulty to have a normal sleep. People struggling with this condition find it hard to stay asleep longer but easily falls asleep during inappropriate times of the day. They easily feel tired, agitated, short-tempered and unproductive during the day or when they needed to work productively. In rare instances, they get to have long hours of sleep but still feels unwell.

There are actually a ton of various sleeping and waking abnormal conditions and they categorically fall under the following:

  • The dilemma to fall asleep and stay asleep normally (associated with insomnia)
  • The perplexity to stay awake (too much of a sleepy head, especially during the day)
  • The struggle to keep up with a normal and regular sleeping time (problem with the rhythm of sleep)
  • Odd sleeping behavior (interrupted sleep demeanor)

Although certain sleep conditions are described in sections it is still difficult to answer –  “Why are they not getting enough sleep?”. Their sleeping disabilities can range from the most common to the rarest behavior.

Types of Sleep Disorders: Explained

  1. Insomnia

Root Cause: stress, anxiety or depression, medications, and/or substance abuse.

Signs: three months straight of not getting enough sleep and maintaining that pattern. It can also be a chronic disorder, but not acute.

Remedy: Medication and/or Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Circumstance: Since it’s the most common type of a sleep disorder, adults are mostly the ones affected by it and almost 1/3rd  of the American population suffer this kind of disorder.

  1. Sleep Apnea

Root Cause: thickening of the throat’s airways either completely or partially.

Signs: Inappropriate sleepiness during the day, headache and loud snoring which is the most common sign of a sleep apnea patient. However, people with this kind of disorder is not really aware of what is happening to them not unless someone informs them. Sometimes because they’ve got used to the situation it appears to be normal for them to snore loudly.

Remedy: CPAP machine is the most common treatment for sleep apnea patients and is being used while they are sleeping to ensure that they are receiving enough oxygen.

Circumstance: Study shows that 1 out of 5 adults is experiencing this kind of disorder.

  1. The Restless Leg Syndrome

Root Cause: RLS, as what it is medically known, is believed to be a hereditary disorder. Sometimes expectant mothers are the ones suffering from  RLS.

Signs: A disorder where a patient has the ability to move or kick their limbs and legs multiple times every night.

Remedy: Abstain from alcohol and caffeine intake, regular exercise or for chronic cases medication were already necessary.

Circumstance: Usually women experience this disorder and about 10% suffers from RLS.

  1. REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Root Cause: It is where the motor movements of the body do not function normally while sleeping.

Signs: Based on studies, those with REM condition experience an intense or abrupt movement during sleep. Patients may also suddenly get out of bed, thrashing in bed, and even clobber furniture around them.

Remedy: Medication is highly being recommended.

Circumstance: Since it’s a rare disorder about 1% get to have this sleeping problem.

  1. The Narcolepsy Condition

Root Cause: Brain abnormalities that control REM.

Signs: A patient with this disorder just falls asleep during the most unexpected events and places. They can even snooze longer during trips or concerts. Sometimes they also suffer from cataplexy where they suddenly faint based on their emotional state or reaction.

Remedy: Medication is the only treatment.

Circumstance: Per year, more or less around 200,000 adults is believed to be suffering from this disorder.

  1. Sleepwalking

Root Cause: Medications, fever or illness, and not getting the right amount of sleep daily.

Signs: Sometimes those with this sleep abnormality find it hard to wake up, walking around the house while sleeping, and/or is unaware of that they are no longer in their bedroom but wakes up in a different room or area of the house.

Remedy: sticking to a fixed sleeping time. Should maintain a conducive and quiet sleeping area. Should lessen water intake before bedtime.

Circumstance: Usually common in children.

These are just some of the known types of sleep disorders and there could be more that everyone should be aware of. And if you think that you or a loved is suffering from any of these sleeping disorder make an immediate visit to your sleep disorder clinics Bethesda to urgently get the right treatment and no longer suffer from it again.



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