How To Prepare For Tree Removal

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Trees are a crucial part of the environment. If they are in your backyard or garden, they add to the aesthetic appeal and provide benefits to the atmosphere. But sometimes you need to find an arborist for tree removal because the tree is diseased, dead, grown very tall or creating problems for your neighbors.

The decision for tree removal is an easy task but the actual removal is the complicated process. Whether you want to pave a way for construction or the tree poses a threat to the community, you will need to remove it. You will need the help of a certified arborist and together you can remove the tree. Before you proceed with the removal you will need to make some preparations which will aid in easy removal of the tree.

Clearing Out The Yard

The first step which is very important to clear out the yard. When a tree is cut it fells on the spot and it may damage property, people or environment. So it is important to clear everything in the way. The arborist will assess the area of the yard. If there are any yard furniture such as tables or benches then they should be removed. Any small plants or vegetables or fruits should also be removed. Small animals and pets should be cleared of the property. Generally the tree removal expert will need space of about twice the size of the tree and if that is not possible then the tree will be cut in parts. Any vehicles should be removed as well.

There are two routes for tree felling. The normal way is that a wedge is cut on one side and the tree is felled on the opposite end. The other is that the tree falls abnormally on the cut side. The arborist will have an escape route for the whole area.

Plan Everything Beforehand

You will need to decide beforehand what you need removed. If you want just the tree removal then you should let the arborist know but if you want to remove the stump as well then you should tell it to the arborist when you plan and not let it come as a surprise for them. The tree removal cost will be different if the stump needs removal too. Similarity, the equipment needed for stump removal is also different. If in the end you tell the arborist to remove the stump, then it cannot be done.

The Vehicle Space And The Equipment

The tree removal team will require a lot of equipment for the task. The equipment will be brought in a big truck so there should be a space assigned to park the vehicle and the way in between the tree and the vehicle should be cleared so the

Commuting to and fro is easier. Also the small branches will be initially cut and only the bare tree will be left to be felled. The branches will be loaded in the truck hence the distance should be clear and clean in between.

The team will check all the equipment beforehand so that they know if it is working properly or not. If any one of the equipment does not work, the tree cannot be cut.

Choosing The Arborist Company

Anyone with a spade and a chainsaw is not a professional arborist. An inexperienced or unskilled person can completely spoil the tree removal process and in turn damage the property. Make sure the company is certified and has years of experience. You require the services of a skilled person who knows what and how he is doing.

Once you make sure of their experience, you should discuss the tree cutting costs beforehand as well so that there is no confusion later on. Also many companies offer a free consultation where they visit your place and see the condition of the tree so that they know what they are dealing with. Tell them about your concerns and what you want and make sure you and the team agree mutually on all the concerns.

When you are completely done with your research and have full knowledge of tree removal, you can proceed with the process.

Tree cutting and removal may not be easy but if you have hired a tree cutting service Chevy Chase then it will be an easy job for them. Just make sure you have everything prepared and there are no hindrances in the final process so that everything goes smooth.


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