6 Problems That Can Arise In A Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Bathroom remodeling has many benefits. You can update the bathroom as your desire and also increase your home’s value. But this is possible when you successfully carry out the bathroom remodel. There are some problems that commonly arise in a bathroom remodel. They can delay the project and increase the remodel cost.

Corroded Plumbing

Many houses have corroded plumbing as cast-iron and galvanized pipes corrode naturally over time. Therefore, the most common setback during a bathroom remodel is plumbing problems.

Although the plumbing shows signs of corrosion with rattling noise through the pipes/walls when water is running through them and constantly leaking faucets, these signs are ignored. So, if you find out about the plumbing problem when the bathroom is demolished, the only option for you is to replace the plumbing which adds up to the costs.

Apart from that, bad plumbing planning is also a problem during bathroom remodels. So, it’s of paramount importance to keep plumbing problems in mind when planning a bathroom remodel.

Drainage Issues

If water doesn’t drain quickly enough, there may be a drain problem in your bathroom. It may be a clogged pipe, which may need to be unclogged. But if the clogs are frequent, there may be bigger drainage issues. Drain problems aren’t fixed with the replacement of the fixtures such as bathtub or sink.

Therefore, have your drain and sewer lines checked before a bathroom remodel to know if the pipes are sound and need any repairs or replacements. This will give you an accurate cost estimate of the remodel.

Water Damage

Water damage is common in bathrooms and must not be ignored. There are different reasons for water damage like plumbing issues, leaky fixtures, poor ventilation, old tiles, etc.

Water damage can cause structural issues if moisture reaches beneath the tiles. It’s dangerous but not visible. So, an inspection is necessary to detect water damage.

To avoid water damage, waterproof your bathroom. If not, leaks might occur in fixtures. Therefore, whether you’re doing a remodel or maintaining your bathroom, calk the moisture-prone parts of the bathroom with a silicon-based product.

Mold Growth

Plumbing issues and moisture damage cause mold. Mold is formed in warm, moist environments and bathrooms are ideal for it.

As mold grows beneath tiles and on the drywall so seeing it is difficult if your bathroom is tiled. So, you should first search for mold signs and symptoms below:

  • Black spots near or on the ceiling
  • Black spots above the baseboards
  • Drywall seems moist long after a bath
  • Musty smell

If you notice the signs and want to confirm, remove a drywall section to look for mold growth. Mold has different types so it has different colors. You may see green, white, or black mold on the wall.

For those who are renovating their bathrooms, even when the signs are not present, a mold inspection is suggested. Mold problems must be fixed before any remodeling, so mold doesn’t contaminate other rooms of the house.

Therefore, if you detect mold or suspect the presence of mold, consult a mold remediation service.

Poor Ventilation

Another cause of water problem. Poor ventilation leads to moisture and it damages your bathroom over time. Venting is important for the bathroom and there should a vent and an exhaust fan for the purpose.

A good aspect of finding out if your bathroom has poor ventilation is that you can easily fix it in the remodel. Add ventilation options and avoid water damage.

Mismatched Design

You will be adding different types of materials and fixtures to the bathroom. To improve the appearance of the bathroom and for all the items to complement a theme, the finish and color should match or should be as you need them.

Keep in mind that the same color from two different manufacturers may look different. For the best bathroom design and to avoid expensive replacements, try to buy all the materials or fixtures from one manufacturer.


Bathroom remodels are exciting, but beware of the above-mentioned problems. They are common and should be taken care of when planning the remodel. Hire experienced bathroom remodelers to help you in the process and complete the project without delays or additional costs. abbruz


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