What is a good alternative to granite?

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The focal point of modern homes happens to be granite worktops. You could feel that this natural stone is not the best option for you, however. First off, compared to other types, granite countertops are much more costly.

Granite countertops need a lot of upkeep in addition to that. You won’t be able to control it without maintenance.

The top granite substitutes for 2023

What additional options do you have to choose from? Or is granite your best solution in every situation. We will provide you with answers to these queries in this post.

Marble surfaces

Marble countertops are popular among home owners. This is due to the fact that countertops possess a very traditional and timeless aesthetic. Because of this, homes with marble countertops often have a very tranquil and welcoming atmosphere.

Along with that, marble counters are available in a wide range of designs and hues. Typically, the price per square foot for these countertops is from $50 to $100.

They do, however, have a drawback. Countertops made of marble need ongoing sealing, much like granite. These stones are porous, which means that they quickly absorb grease and other liquids.

Quartz surfaces

One of the most common engineered stones is quartz, which has a quartz content of roughly 90% and polyresin in the remaining 10%. These surfaces vary from natural stones in that regard. They are also incredibly attractive.

Additionally, since quartz is designed, customization is simple. Quartz countertops also have a reputation for being very durable. Because of this, they are incredibly simple to maintain. This stone is one of the greatest choices for countertops because of these advantages.

However, there is a drawback. The increased heat tends to destroy quartz. As a result, it is not the ideal material for kitchen counters. However, if you are really cautious, you can handle it without any problems.

Quartzite surfaces

Contrast quartzite with normal quartz to avoid confusion. When it comes to countertops, quartzite is a gorgeous natural stone that is a fantastic option. Some of these varieties resemble conventional marble countertops quite a bit.

Because of this, they often have highly exquisite appearances, making it difficult to tell them apart. As a result, they are less costly than granite. Additionally, it is heat and stain resistant.

Quartzite, however, is not offered in a large range of varieties. Additionally, you will need to re-seal quartzite twice a year at the very least.

In light of this, handcrafted quartzite countertops cost between $60 and $120 per square foot.

Counters made of slate

One of the most cutting-edge options for kitchens is slate. These dark surfaces are a very fashionable touch. Slates have the added advantage of being quite durable along with being shiny and having a luxurious appearance. So you will not be missing out on much. However, they are not as durable as granite in the long-run.

Slates are a nice alternative, but they have a few shortcomings. Slate, for example, is not a smart choice if you desire a light colored shirt since it only comes in deeper tones. Grey and black are the predominant colors of slate surfaces.


The market is full of different countertop materials. Your decision would be based on a variety of variables. For instance, you must take both your financial situation and your needs into account. You won’t be able to choose wisely till that point.

Furthermore, receive installation from the top professionals regardless of the kind you choose. There are several excellent countertop replacement Raleigh NC firms around if you take the time to search. So simply get in touch with the top people.


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