8 Reasons To Get Engineered Stone Countertops

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If you are looking for a durable and stylish countertop then it is recommended that you choose engineered stone countertops. There are a lot of reasons these countertops are better than other materials. Listed below are some of them.

Unique Styles and Designs

Natural stone has a quality that they are very unique. These stone sheets are always different which makes them unique in their own way. After engineering, these stones are processed, and they are furnished to be used as countertops. Each pattern, each design, each color is unique from one another, hence, there is a wide variety of these stones you can choose from like granite countertops. Styles such as rusty, modern, classic, antique are all available from these stones. These stones have a very consistent appearance but all of that changed when they are processed and engineered. After that, a whole new beautiful piece of stone is revealed.

Beautiful Pieces

Nature is always beautiful. That’s why natural stone is always in demand. They have been around for centuries to be used as flooring like marble and countertops. The color and designs emerge from a small stone after engineering which consists of pigmentation and binders with colors. This is done to improve the quality and beauty of these stones.


By choosing the engineered countertops, you are actually favoring the environment and supporting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The main reason for this is that the stone is engineered close to where it is found. They are the natural source and the natural stones are recycled, manufactured and sold where they belong. When these stones are mined, they are mined in big chunks and then after they have been sawn down into smaller pieces, they are polished to give them that amazing shine.


Engineered stone countertops are one of the most durable countertop options available at this time. Due to their rigidity, they are not easily budget. They are heavy, of course but there is a reason for that. Their toughness makes up for the heaviness which is what anyone needs with their engineered countertops. They are very hard to chip, scratch, burn or budge for anything so you can place heavy kitchen appliances on it easily.

Low-Cost Maintenance

The extremely low maintenance cost of these countertops is something to be surprised with. They are easy to clean and maintain countertops around. They may incur some stains on their surfaces, but they can be easily removed with a clean cloth. The sealing of these countertops is essential and although they are very tough to break, a protective seal can protect them even further. Some engineered stones need to be sealed once or twice a year but some require them to be sealed much more consistently. To clean them, it is recommended that you use special countertop cleaners that clean the stone without damaging the seal.

Mold and Bacteria Resistance

Some of the engineered countertops like quartz countertops are manufactured in such a way that all the air is removed from them which makes them nonporous. This makes the countertops resistant to mold or bacteria that can destroy a material regardless of its toughness. Due to the isolation of air, there is no room for mold and bacteria to grow which is good news.

Stain Resistance

If mold and bacteria resistance wasn’t enough then be happy that some of the materials are even stain and heat resistant too. There are many stones like granite, quartz, soapstone and marble that can be made into a countertop but not all of them are stain or heat resistant. Each of them have different properties that can be stain or heat resistance.


Every countertop material has a different price to it. For instance, quartz countertops Potomac can range from anywhere between $45-200 per square feet which is deemed affordable. Some of them are very budget-friendly but some aren’t. Pricing also depends on the quality of some stones. Materials like granite and marble countertops are a costly option whereas quartz is a budget-friendly and affordable option. It all depends on the buyer on what kind of material they want.



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