How To Match Hair Texture With Extensions?

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Hair extensions are easy to apply and all, especially if you have a helping hand, but the art of camouflaging your extensions lies in the secret of textures that is known best by salons that do hair extensions. Here is your guide for hair extensions and matching the textures.

Know Your Hair Texture

Before matching the hair extensions with your hair texture, it is important to know what said texture is. Hair can be of different textures and types and here are the 4 most common hair textures.

Straight Hair

If you normally pin straight hair after it’s dried, then you have straight hair. Straight hair is silky and almost has no wave to it. It’s really easy to style as well.

Wavy Hair

If your hair is in the middle, not too straight and not too coiled up either, and there’s a slight barely-there curl to the strand, then you have wavy hair. Wavy hair is naturally a bit curly, but one thing that can ruin the style is frizz. Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with wavy hair.

Frizz is going to stick out from random parts of your hair, like your temples, the top of the crown, and also the sides, so you need to tame them before applying extensions, otherwise the camouflage just won’t work.

Curly Hair

If you have curly hair that has a lot of waves in it, either loose or coiled, but it doesn’t have a borderline fluffy look, then your hair texture is classified as curly. Curly hair can be a hard hair type to match extensions with, but if you search properly and do some test strands first, then you will find something that fits.

Curly hair, like wavy hair, can also have frizz in it and you need to tame the mess as well. On the bright side, however, hiding extensions in curly hair is a breeze, because there’s a massive pile of hair on your head and a lot of hiding space for the extensions.

Coiled Hair

Lastly, this hair texture looks fluffy and it can look very messy and almost damaged, but that’s just how coiled hair looks. If you have extremely curly hair, then it can graduate into coiled hair, if you use a lot of heat on it and don’t retain the moisture in the mane.

There are also extensions available for coiled hair, but the variety can be a bit minute because the texture of coiled hair is the hardest to replicate on hair extensions.

Do A Test Strand

Now that you know what your hair type and texture is, the next thing to do is to scout for the perfect extensions. So, you need to do a strand test first. If you’re getting extensions from a salon, then the hair technician will do a strand test for you.

It’s the application of a single extension and then you can see how the strand blends in with the rest of your hair. If you think that the camouflage is good and not noticeable by people in close vicinity, then you can make another appointment to get as many extensions as you want in your hair.

Manipulate The Extensions

There are a lot of hair extensions out there and you are bound to get confused as to which one is better for you. Besides the obvious texture matching, you can also tease the extensions a bit to make them look realistic and similar to your hair. Your natural hair isn’t going to be shiny at all times, and hair extensions will be shiny and healthy-looking, so you need to make them look like your real hair.

Use a teasing comb and brush the strands of the extensions and if you want, get them wet and run a flat iron over them to make them look somewhat realistic.

Get A Consultation

If it’s your first time getting hair extensions and you’re worried about how things are going to go, then you need to hand the task over to a salon technician who’s experienced. Usually, before getting your extensions applied, there will be a consultation and your hair will be evaluated.

Some extensions might also be matched with the hair on the spot and if there are any other changes, then the technician can get customized extensions for you. This is great because you will get the best results and the texture of the extensions will be spot-on.

This is even more important if you’re a man looking for toupees. You need an expert to walk you through the process for getting hairpieces for men Potomac.

The Application Of Extensions

Matching textures isn’t the only thing that you have to worry about. The right way of applying extensions, without anyone being able to notice them in your hair, is the perfect texture match as well as the right placement.

The making of sections and securing the extensions under said sections is a really hard job and you will need the help of a hair technician to get the job done seamlessly. You will not regret this decision, so give the reins to someone who knows how the ride goes.

Use The Right Length

Usually, a lot of people will get the right texture of hair extensions, but the results can still look fake. The reason? Well, maybe the extensions are too long and don’t match the hair length. If you know anything about hair drying, it’s the fact that wet hair can appear longer, and as the strands dry, the length decreases.

So, if you’re in the same boat with hair extensions, then make sure that you’re getting the right length, so that the illusion is perfect and that you can flaunt perfect hair, everywhere.

Don’t Do It By Yourself

Speaking of illusion, hair extension application is a technique that can’t be mastered overnight and besides, there are just a lot of steps that your two inexperienced hands won’t be able to get done. So, if you want to get extensions on your hair and not mess up the process, with the texture as well as the application, then you need to rely on a salon for this.

There will be 2 or more people working on your hair making sections and applying the wefts simultaneously, so you will be done in no time, not to mention the results will be showstopping.

Stick To One Brand

Last but not least, if you’re having a hard time finding the right texture for your hair extensions, then only stick to one brand. Usually, if you need a certain number of extensions and the brand you usually get them from, doesn’t have all of the extensions you need, it can be tempting to find another brand, but you want to stop yourself right there.

Getting extensions from different brands means that the results and look will vary, therefore destroying the purpose of matching the texture. So, always stick to one brand.


Hair extensions can be pretty daunting if you don’t know how to match the texture of the extensions with the actual hair, so these tips will help you out. For best results, go to a hair extensions salon Potomac for getting hair extensions.


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