Dishwasher problems and their solutions

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It is not uncommon for dishwashers rot run into various issues. Do you see that the dishes in your dishwasher are not drying properly? Do you often notice that the foot particles are still left on them? Chances are that you need a dishwasher repair service right away.

However, not all dishwasher problems require the help of a professional. At times, these problems may be simple and can be dealt by you alone. In this article, we put together a list of problems that your dishwasher can run into.

Common dishwasher issues and their solution

Furthermore, we also discuss the ways in which you can sort these problems out. So, let us get started.

Dishwasher not turning on

This is among the most common problems that dishwashers run into. However, if a dishwasher refuses to start altogether, it probably means that there is some problem with the connection. After all, it is not receiving power at all.

If it is a fault with the electricity, then you will have to take it to a repairman for repairing. However, problems like these are easy to handle, provided that the cause does not run too deep. The repair company will simply sort out the electrical connections again and your dishwasher in your kitchen will start running.

Dishwasher is not draining

If the dishwasher is not draining, chances are that it is because of a new disposal that you have attached. Sometimes when a new garbage disposal unit is installed, dishwashers refuse to drain at all. In this case, you must remove the knockout plug.

A big number of homeowners tend to forget this step and as a result of this, their dishwasher continues to collect water. After you remove the knockout plug, then check the drain hose. It should be connected with the disposal connection very securely.

In case this was installed by a professional, then give them a call again and talk about correction of the issue. Otherwise, you will not be able to correct it by yourself.

Dishwashes is leaving spots

The main reason of spots on the glassware is due to hardwater. Hard water typically contains a very high level of minerals including calcium and magnesium. People who live in regions with hard water often run into issues like these.

Furthermore, there are areas where the water conditions are a big too extreme. In case like these, you can use a special dish detergent that can get rid of the films that are forming on your plates.

Dishwasher runs for too long

In case you notice that your dishwasher runs for too long, chances are that the water temperature is significantly low. If the hot water is not running in the sink, make sure that the water faucet is turned on. At the same time, check that there are no blockages that are reducing the flow of the water.

Check the cycle selection. Some dishwasher cycles are designed to run for a longer period of time in comparison to others. So, you must specifically check these out. At the same time, make sure that the water temperature is not set to a least amount.


The above mentioned issues are the most common ones that you can run into with your dishwashers. But worry not, because we have also mentioned their solution along with it. So now, you can just try to sort it out and your dishwasher will start running properly again.

If however, it still does not work well, then it would be better to contact appliance repair Fairfax companies right away for help. This will be your final and last resort.


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