How To Correctly Use A Hair Color Wheel

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When you get hair color and highlights, there are a lot of things that need to be considered. You can’t just dye your hair once and call it a day. Here is where the color wheel comes into play. To find out how to use the color wheel correctly, keep on reading.

What Is A Hair Color Wheel?

First’s things first, you should know what a color wheel is. A color wheel is basically a wheel which has complimentary colors of hair on its opposite side. A normal color wheel usually has 12 basic colors with its complimenting colors placed across. A color wheel is a great tool to use if you want the result of your hair dye to be perfect and effortless.

A lot of hair specialists will use a color wheel to determine complementary colors and what colors you will need to cancel out the harsh brassy, red or orange tones in your hair, especially after it has been bleached. So, in a nutshell, a color wheel is the magic wand for a hair colorist when they want to fix a hair dye gone wrong or they want to tone your hair to eliminate the unwanted colors which is mainly the work of bleach or toning down your hair.

How To Use A Hair Color Wheel?

Here are some ways by which you can master the art of a hair color wheel.

The Pesky Yellow Tones

If you have darker hair and you want to go light or blonde, then bleaching your hair is the first thing your hair colorist will do. But, with darker hair, it can be very hard to achieve that perfect platinum blonde look with just one bleach and dye application.

After the first dye, you will experience a lot of yellow and brassy tones in your hair. This is very much normal with darker colors if you are going light. You will need to tone down these hues otherwise the color will not stand out in its galore and the hair dye will be for nothing. For eliminating the brassy and yellow tones, you will be required to use a purple shampoo.

On a color wheel, the complementary color of yellow is purple and it eliminates the harsh tones of brassy and orange from your freshly done blonde hair. Using a purple shampoo and toning agent, you will see your hair turn from a brassy yellow to a sunset blonde in no time at all.

The Unpleasant Red Tones

With darker hair, you will also see a lot of red undertones after it has been bleached. If you drastically change your hair color from light to dark, you will have these underlying hues of red peeking through. To eliminate these unwanted red tones away, you will need to go through the color wheel and see what color is across from red. It is usually a green color. So, you will need to tone your hair down with a green shampoo. This will change your hair from red to the desired color you want and it will not leave your hair looking auburn or mahogany. It will give a great result. Green is a cooler color which will eliminate the harsh red undertones. You will also need a green toner and you will keep applying it till you are happy with the color in your hair.

The Unwanted Orange Tones

Blue is the color which will tone down your orange mess if a hair dye. Orange is neutralized by the coolness of blue and it will do your hair a lot of wonders. Blue is a complimentary color to orange, so if you see that your hair has specks of orange in it, you will need to use a blue shampoo and toner to get rid of those orange undertones. The result will be a smooth and sleek color with no signs of orange.

There you have it! A hair color wheel may sound very ordinary but it will make or break your hair dye results. So, the next time you want perfectly dyed hair, use the color wheel with these tips. Furthermore, visit hair salons specializing in color Rockville to get the right color combinations.


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