Silk Vs Wool Rugs – How To Choose Between Them

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Rugs basically come in 4 materials – silk, wool, cotton, animal skin and jute. However, silk and wool rugs are leading the list of sky with a sky-towering popularity. That’s why there are more people searching for wool or silk rugs near me than jute rugs.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the two which might help you pick one over the other.

Wool rugs are far cheaper than silk rugs

If we try to compare the prices, wool rugs are almost always cheaper than silk rugs because silk materials – whether rugs or non rugs – always come with a high price tag. If any rug is made of pure silk extracted from the larva of a silkworm, it will surely be worth a king’s ransom.

Both of them come from two very different sources

Wool rugs, as you all must be aware, come from the exterior of sheep – sheep always have to give away some of their skin every now and then because that’s the source from which shepherds earn. It’s like they have to do it once in a couple of months and a sheep has to peel it off as part of a natural cycle. On the other hand, silk comes from the cocoon of larvae and producing silk is a way more intricate process and that is the reason it is a highly expensive product.

Wool rugs resist stains and spills while silk rugs cannot resist

Wool rugs are usually tougher than the silk rugs because of the varying nature of their sources. If you accidentally spill something on a woolen rug, it will not be damned for eternity – it can be cleaned and brought to use in a short time. Same is not the case with rugs made of silk; they cannot fly in the face of stains and spills.

Wool rugs are more open to a heavy mobility than silk rugs

Woolen rugs welcome a heavy traffic but silk rugs do not. Silk rugs are soft and delicate and they require to be protected from all kinds of possible harms. Hence, it is better to put them in a place where there’s low traffic, for example, a place where you sit down with your guests and have supper or something. On the contrary, woolen rugs can be placed anywhere you want – they can cater to a heavy traffic without getting ruined to any extent.

Bamboo silk rugs can be a close competition to wool rugs if you talk about resistance

If you feel like pure silk rugs are way too expensive to buy or they can be barely used, just turn your heart to a bamboo silk rug – a rug made of cotton and silk. That’s the second best option for people who adore silk as a fabric and want it to embellish their home’s setup.

Silk rugs can change the whole ambience of your home decor while wool rugs can barely do that

Silk rugs are the beautiful-est of all rugs; they add a new fervor to a particular area of your house. Silk rugs are delicate and yet most adorable of all the rugs – they feel super mushy under your feet so you can place them somewhere near your bed so that you wake up with cushiony stuff underneath your feet.

Silk rugs are not water-friendly while wool rugs so are

Silk rugs are not easy to clean and they’re so prone to getting lost in their essence of made wet while woolen rugs can be washed with water or even a wool-friendly detergent.

Silk rugs are more vacuum friendly as compared to wool rugs

Silk rugs cannot be washed but they can be vacuum-cleaned several times a month without any apprehension to be watchful of. Woolen rugs are not good for vacuum, on the other hand.

In case of a deep stain, wool rugs can be dealt with at home while silk rug will be required to be taken to a professional cleaner.

If you sell it second-hand, silk rugs can be a great deal of investment

Silk rugs are definitely more expensive than woolen rugs and if they’re taken care of, they can be sold to a third party after a couple of years. It can surely get you a handsome amount of money whereas a woolen rug would definitely be sold for much less money because wool is never costlier than silk in the first place. So, choose wisely when you go to a wholesale oriental rugs Alexandria store.


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