Car Window Tinting: Tips On How To Make Your Car Tint Last For A Long Time

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When you undertake car window tinting you want the tinted windows to last for a long time. For you to make it possible, you need to take good care of them. Here are tips on how to make it possible:

Don’t touch the windows after tinting

After you have installed the tinting film, you shouldn’t touch the tinted windows. You should give the adhesive time dry. This usually takes between 3-4 days depending on the tinting material that you have installed.

Some people panic when they see watermarks on the tint. Some of the people press the tinted windows to get rid of the marks. Don’t do this. The watermarks are part of the drying process and if the tint is properly done, they will vanish after just a short time.

As part of keeping off the tinted windows, you also should avoid rolling up your car windows. This is to prevent the tint from peeling off.

Don’t use stickers or suction cups

Some people like giving their cars a unique look by using stickers and suction cups. Don’t do it. In addition to the adhesive remaining on the tinting film when you remove it, it also makes the dirt and dust stick to it.

If you want to give your windows a unique look, you should do it in any other way and not sticking stickers on the windows.

Watch out for seat belt chips

Your tinted windows will have healed and in good shape but they will be destroyed by the seat belt. The seat belt can snap to the glass causing scratches. The scratches can’t be mended—you have to remove the old tint and install a new one, which can be expensive.

For you to prevent the seat belt chips, you should be cautious when getting off the car and removing the seat belt. As rule of thumb, you should be gentle when doing it.

Undertake proper car window cleaning

After your windows have healed, you should go ahead and clean them. Some people think that since they have a tinting film on their windows, they should use special chemicals. This isn’t the case.

You should note that the film can be damaged by the chemicals; therefore, you should avoid using them. For you to properly clean the windows you need a microfiber cloth or paper towels, and a spray bottle of water.

You should start with misting your car windows by spraying the windows with water from the spray bottle. Using a microfiber, wipe the windows vertically over the entire surface. Also, remember to wipe horizontally until you have removed all the water droplets and streaks.

Once you are done, inspect the windows for streaks or dirt. Since you aren’t using a cleaner, it’s common for streaks to be still present. If you see them, you should repeat the process. When repeating it, remember to use the fresh side of the cloth to wipe your windows.

Be aware of the tint

The key to keeping the tinted windows in top shape is being aware of its existence. Once you are aware, you should protect it from getting scratched by the car keys or any hard material.

When you notice an issue with your tinted windows, you should take your car to a professional who will inspect it and fix any issues that might be there.

Tips to ensuring that your tinted windows last for long

In addition to taking care of the windows to retain their tinted look for long, you need to do a number of other things. Some of these things include:

Install high-quality tinting film: Everything begins here. When you install a high-quality film, you will have an easy time maintaining it; therefore, it will last for a long time. Don’t be like the people that buy the cheapest tinting film that they come across. Remember that cheap film is ugly and hard to maintain. It also tends to peel off fast.

Work with experienced contractors: Buying a high-quality film isn’t enough—you need to work with experienced window tint shops Springfield. The professionals working here will install the tint properly hence reducing the chances of it coming apart.


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