5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Car Window Tinting And Visit A Tint Shop

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Car window tinting isn’t the type of job that you should trust just anyone to do for you…including yourself. Here are five reasons going to a professional tint installer is your best bet in getting the job done right.

You Might Not Be Familiar with Local Laws and Regulations

There are certain rules about window tinting in every state, and a lot of DIYers find it too late that the shade they have applied to their windows is actually not even legal where they live. Sounds famiSpringfieldliar? Yeah, we understand how frustrating realizing this is after you have put in the money and effort that is required to install the tint to your windows.

You can’t just leave it as is either, because the moment the cops catch you, you will be given a tick and required to remove the tint from your window. There is a very simple solution for this: take your car to a professional window tinting shop, one who is familiar with the law.

You Lack the Experience and the Expertise

As much as a properly applied tint drastically enhances the aesthetic value of your ride, a bad tint application job can totally ruin its look. And don’t think applying car window tint is easy. If it’s your first time attempting the deed without any training whatsoever, you are more than likely to botch it.

Many DIYers complain about having bubbles appear on the windows once they are done. The smart thing to do here is to trust a professional instead, who will help ensure that your car looks great when the tint is added.

You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

For applying auto window tint by yourself, you will need to cut the film to size and, unlike a professional shop where they have laser cutters, the best thing you can procure from your toolbox would be a knife or a scissor. The result: improperly sized, uneven pieces of tint film that are most likely not perfectly straight at the edges. Make a mistake and that is it. There is no going back and redoing it. Even a millimeter of difference can render the entire thing useless. Not to mention, a roughly cut film would look weird and unprofessional after application, and may even decrease the worth of your car.

By opting for a professional window tinting shop to install your car window tinting films for you, you not only ensure that the pieces of film cut using computer-guided lasers are exactly according to the specifications of your car down to a tee.

You Won’t Be Able to Claim Any Warranty

Say you are extremely lucky and managed to apply the window tint perfectly onto your car. What happens when in the future you need servicing and the tint starts coming off? If you apply it yourself, you might not have a warranty. In fact, even the manufacturer’s warranty on the tint might be void if the tint is not installed by a trained professional.

Many window tinting shops, those who are proud of their expertise, stand behind their work and will go so far as to completely redo the whole tint from scratch on their own cost were it to fail prematurely. Their reputation matters that much to them.

You Only Have One Shot to Get the Job Done Right

In a previous point, we mentioned how it is impossible for a nonprofessional to get the final cuts exactly right, and that to not be the only thing you will be at stake of getting wrong. It also means that one crooked film installation or one crease during installation and your DIY films are trash!

On the other hand, if you invest in professional car window tinting at a shop, you will hardly walk away unsatisfied!

The main reason people resort to DIY is to save money. What they fail to realize is that the benefits of hiring an auto tinting pro car outweigh any savings.

At the end of the day, make sure that whichever window tint shop Springfield you choose has experienced professionals and it uses quality equipment for the job. Because if you get a low-quality auto glass tint, it will wear off within months.


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