Tree Removal Services: Tips To Remember When Removing Trees

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When you are felling a tree, you need to do the right things so that you can do it right. Here are some of the things you should do as given by tree removal services providers:

Wear the right protective gear

Tree felling is dangerous; therefore, you need to protect yourself. For you to be safe you should protect your entire body. Start with your head and ensure that you are wearing a hard hat all the time. When it comes to your eyes, wear safety glasses.

Since you will be using a chainsaw that is known to be noisy, you need to protect your hearing by wearing protective headphones. When it comes to your feet, you should wear steel toe boots that will not only protect you from the trees, but also protect you from the chainsaw.

You don’t have to wear protective pants, but you should ensure the ones you are wearing are tough enough to provide you with maximum protection. The last thing you want are units that will allow harmful materials to land on your skin.

Use high-quality materials

Whether you are going to use ear protection or work gloves, you should ensure that all of them are of high quality. When it comes to the chainsaw, ensure that it’s properly sharpened and in top shape.

Many homeowners use an old, used up unit. Don’t do this. In addition to the old saw being inefficient, it also tends to be risky to use as it can easily come apart. Even if you don’t have to buy a brand new unit, ensure that the current unit is properly maintained and all the parts are working optimally.

Have a partner

You can go ahead and bring down a small tree by yourself, but when it comes to large trees, avoid cutting them by yourself. The best way out is to have a spotter who will look out for you. In the event of any danger, it’s up to your partner to let you know about it so that you can escape.

You can work with anyone, but for ideal results, ensure that the partner you go with is experienced and has been involved in similar projects before.

Have a plan

Tree removal isn’t all about taking a chainsaw and cutting down the tree. You need to consider plenty of things. Where will the tree fall? Is there any property around that can be damaged? Is there strong wind that compromises the direction of the fall? Among many other things.

Due to the complexities involved in the removal of the tree, it’s wise that you hire an expert to help you in handling it. As rule of thumb, ensure that the professional is experienced and certified enough.

Watch the nature of the tree

What is the condition of the tree? Its condition will determine whether you should try removing it or not. If the tree is healthy and you have the necessary tree removal skills, you should go ahead and remove it by yourself, but if it’s rotten you should avoid removing it as you can easily hurt yourself.

You should note that a rotten tree has a highly compromised felling direction which is dangerous. In other cases, the dead limbs from a rotting tree can easily shake loose and land on you during the cutting process.

When you have a rotten tree, you should let a professional handle it. As mentioned above, ensure that the professional is certified and experienced enough.

Get rid of the stump

After you have removed the tree, you shouldn’t leave the stump standing. You should remove it. This is because tree stumps tend to be unsightly. They also tend to breed insects and other animals that compromise your safety.

The cool thing is that it’s easy to remove the tree stumps. You can do the work if you have the time or hire tree services Chevy Chase providers to help you out.


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